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Hamilton peeps..what are ya gona do about it?


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The Hamilton Council elections on November 10 are likely going to decide the fate of Red Hill Valley. You and all your friends, family, neighbours and casual acquaintances need to get involved to make sure we stop the expressway in the valley. There are currently four pro-valley councillors on the 16-seat council, and at least five more of the pro-valley challengers have a good chance of being elected. That’s all we need to prevent an expressway in the valley.

There are pro-valley candidates running for 12 seats on Council including the mayoralty. We’ve listed many of them below including how you can contact them and assist their election campaign. They need your time, your energy, and your money. Donations are necessary for a candidate to run an effective campaign. However, your time and your energy can make an even larger contribution, so please consider calling one or more of them and offering help with phoning, canvassing, literature distribution, and other tasks, or at least offer to put up a lawn sign.

City Council elections have very low turnouts. Usually only one in three eligible voters actually cast ballots. This means your vote is worth three times as much. If you can get 10 people to vote for the valley, it’s equivalent to 30 votes. If you do nothing else, please make sure that you vote, your family votes, and your friends and neighbours vote. Call your friends in other parts of the city and urge them to support pro-valley candidates. Election day is Monday, November 10, but anyone can vote at an advance poll (you don’t need a special reason to do so).

MAYOR – David Christopherson

David was the councillor for Ward 4 from 1985 to 1990, the MPP for Hamilton Centre from 1990 to 1999, and the MPP for Hamilton West from 1999 to 2003. He was Solicitor-General of the province for three years and he has proven that he can work effectively with people of all political parties. His campaign office is at 460 Upper James Street, Unit 102, Hamilton, ON. The phone number is (905) 385-3535. Donations can be made by sending a cheque to Christopherson4Mayor, 640 Upper James, Unit 102, Hamilton, Ontario L9C 7L7. You can also donate on-line at www.Christopherson4Mayor.ca

WARD 1 – Brian McHattie

Brian is a founding member of Friends of Red Hill and the immediate past president of the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club. He helped write Vision 2020 and the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan, and works for Environment Canada on cleaning up the Great Lakes. He’s been campaigning since May and is well on his way to replacing the current pro-expressway councillor. Donations can be made to “Brian McHattie Campaign”, c/o Loreen Jerome, 160 Haddon Ave. S. Hamilton, ON. L8S 1X8. His website is www.brianmchattie.ca . You can email him at info@brianmchattie.ca or phone him at (905) 540-1094.

WARD 2 – Andrea Horwath

Andrea is one of the strongest voices on City Council against the expressway and for social justice and fair play. She defeated incumbents in both 1997 and 2000. Andrea is the main advocate for the revitalization of downtown Hamilton and a strong opponent of more sprawl. Her campaign office is at 10 Hughson Street South (between King and Main) and her website is www.andreahorwath.com . The phone number is (905) 524-0695 and her email is a.horwath@bellnet.ca .

WARD 4 – Lynda Lukasik

Lynda is the vice-chair of Friends of Red Hill Valley and the woman who successfully took the City to court to stop the pollution of Red Hill Creek from the toxic Rennie Street Dump. She also played the key role in shutting down the cancer-causing SWARU incinerator. She has a doctorate in planning and is currently the executive director of Environment Hamilton. Ward 4 lies on the western bank of Red Hill Valley. Donations should be made out to “Campaign of Lynda Lukasik” and mailed to 111 Sherwood Rise, Hamilton, Ontario L8T 1P1. Lynda’s campaign office is at 1348 Main Street East (at Tuxedo, one block west of Kenilworth) and her website is at www.lyndalukasik.ca . The phone number is (905) 545-1547 and her email is info@lyndalukasik.ca .

WARD 5 – Andrew Schroeder

Andrew is an elementary school teacher and member of Friends of Red Hill Valley. He is waging an energetic campaign in the ward that forms the eastern bank of Red Hill Valley (and part of the western one too), and is looking for more volunteers. You can contact Andrew at (905) 560-5124 or by email at andrew@andrewschroeder4ward5.ca . His website is www.andrewschroeder4ward5.ca .

Ward 6 – Peter O’Hagan

Peter is a Manager of Project Proposal Engineering. His website explains his “serious reservations” about the expressway, raising questions about its cost, impact on air pollution and effects on burial sites of aboriginal people. You can contact Peter at (905) 575-2864 or by email ohagan-ward6@sympatico.ca . His website address is www3.sympatico.ca/pohagan . Also check out his proposals at www.sustainablecity.ca .

Ward 7 – Bill Cottrell

Bill was the anti-expressway candidate for mayor in 2000 and is now contesting the central mountain ward. He is a city employee who was born in Hamilton and went to Westmount Secondary, Mohawk and McMaster. You can contact Bill at (905) 318-5581 or by email at bcottrellward7@hotmail.com . Bill’s website is www.mountaincable.net/~billcottrell .

Ward 8 – Roman Sarachman

Roman is an engineer who runs a company that provides manufacturing solutions and software. He supports seniors, reduction of debt and a de-amalgamation referendum. You can contact him at (905) 659-4329 or by email at romantrc@sympatico.ca .

Ward 10 – Robert Barlow

Bob was elected in the last municipal elections as a public school board trustee in Stoney Creek. He is running on a community first platform for the ward seat made vacant by Larry DiIanni’s decision to run for mayor. You can contact him at (905) 662-6242 or by email at communityfirstcampaign@hotmail.com. Donations can be made out to "Robert Barlow Campaign" and sent to P.O. Box 66598, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8G 5E5. His website is www.communityfirst.ca .

Ward 12 – Bryan Kerman

Bryan is an environmental scientist. He was co-chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth Democratic Coalition, a group formed to fight amalgamation. He continued that fight as an Ancaster councillor from 1997 to 2000. Until very recently he was chair of Ancaster – Our Town, a group carrying a petition in Ancaster for a referendum on de-amalgamation. You can contact him at (905) 648-2028 or by email at bkerman@lara.on.ca . Bryan’s website is www.lara.on.ca/~bkerman .

Ward 13 – Russ Powers

Russ is the incumbent in Dundas and consistently votes against the expressway. He is a past chair of the Hamilton Conservation Authority and a former deputy mayor of Dundas. He is using his home at 7 Greening Court, Dundas L9H 1G8 as his campaign office. You can reach him at (905) 627-7315 or by email at russ@vote4powers.com .

Ward 14 – Dave Braden

Dave is one of the strongest voices on Council against the expressway and other policies promoting urban sprawl. He is also been the most vocal about the financial crisis of the City. You can call Dave at (905) 659-3088 or email him at davembraden@aol.com

Ward 15 – Margaret McCarthy

Margaret is the incumbent in the Waterdown ward and consistently votes against the expressway. She refuses to take campaign donations from developers. You can contact her at (905) 689-2033. Her website is www.infoflam.on.ca/ward15/

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Over 250 people joined Reverend Doran in his peach march up the Red Hill Valley to stop the clear cutting.

The police tried to arrest the Reverend, but the people surrounded the police car and would not let him be taken away. He was released with no charges to cheers of the crowd.

there's a rally going on right now at the old Tivoli theater featuring speakers, literature and music... started at 6:30

probably be a good place to plan your action with other concerned Hamiltonians

planning on heading down once I get something to eat

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Just left a meeting with a hand full of folks who are going to the Tivoli. It started at 7:30 but if you're in the area I highly recommend checking it out.

Here are the details.

Hamilton Speaks Out!

A Celebration of Red Hill Valley

Tuesday Nov. 4, 2003

Tivoli Theatre, 108 James St. N.

Many of Hamilton's finest musicians (Gary Santucci MC, Stephen Fuller, David Gerry, Michael Highgate, Beverly Horton, Rebecca Morton, Shawn OHalloran, and The Inner City Dance Company: Kari Scott-White & Lynn Austin), will perform and audience members of all ages will have an opportunity ( one minute each, please!) to 'Speak Out!'.

The program begins at 7:30 p.m., but please come early! Doors open at 6:30p.m. for street theatre, community displays, musical entertainment and Red Hill Video shows.

Sponsored by: The Red Hill Schoolhouse, Friends of Red Hill Valley, Showstoppers,Greenhill, Neighbourhood Association and Haudenosaunee Friends

Admission: $10/Adult, $5/Seniors & Students, or pay what you can. Kids are FREE!

Tickets available at the door

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