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  1. Richie Haven's folks have the bombest glasses
  2. paisley

    ah Zep

    Hi Everybody! don't have full time computer access so I'm only on here some of the time but... is good to be back!
  3. paisley

    ah Zep

    all you other old people remember this... Since I've Been Loving You
  4. I wondered if she was really truly a blond, but upon deeper investigation I found myself none the wiser. (kiddin)
  5. paisley

    golf online?

    "whatsisname" caught up with Tiger after giving him a great run all weekend... forced him into a playoff... and all the announcers would talk about was "what does this mean to Tiger in 2011?" "Tiger's changed his swing." Tiger. Tiger. Tiger this. Tiger that. love tiger's game but was so glad that other guy who's name wasn't drilled into my head ever 5 seconds won. was a great game.
  6. life's a strange thing. very short and very long. it can't really be measured in years. love is strong. carry on. my true sympathies go out to you. take some time for yourself soon. a new course maybe. be well.
  7. DOWN WITH CANADIANS!!! here! here!
  8. promo. thinking two steps ahead. the profit gained when the (average of) 4 people who see what you have and then buy the same, or a related item, from the same company at full price more make up for the initial giveaway
  9. like the somewhat grey, ripped leather jacket wearing punk rocker who was ahead of me in line for a whippet in Oakland, Cali said when I asked if he was going to the show: "I'm just here for the drugs." no linkey clickey
  10. still have a scar on my right hand from picked up tickets for that (was 14 years old) when I got stabbed by a broken wine bottle weiling bleary eyed reveller right after getting hit by a gold trans-am with a huge phoenix covering the whole hood... 10 hours waiting in a line full of adventure and tragedy... all that to end up with "Greys" seats which ended up being behind a bunch of tv cameras (besides at the back of the hall) but I saw The Who ("Final" tour was indeed a exagerated stretch of linguistics) perhaps its time to apply for a part time job at HEFCI, can quit as soon as I'm in the door that night
  11. Happy Birthday Buddy!! if you end up in town by chance give a call, otherwise just enjoy yourself
  12. nobody in Hamilton has heard of the Burt Neilson Band? that'd work for me sitting around listening to recorded shows drinking beer doesn't really feel like a tribute to Jerry to me... something original, and with luck suprising and exciting would be more along the lines I look for by way of a tribute to the man... too predictable... cover the bar in orange paper you can see from 5 blocks away, a mirror smashing contest, disco lights and lasers or professional dancers... something involving creativity... musically I don't care if its all Grateful Dead so long as its somewhat spontaneous and full of life... Jerry liked all sorts of music of course some select tasteful or rare Garcia recordings mixed into a grander scheme to keep on topic wouldn't be bad or anything otherwise I'm with New Rider =)
  13. wow, awesomeO KevO!
  14. can order them straight from Converse - $49.99 USD http://www.converse.com/
  15. paisley


    hamilton got nailed, crazy thunder storm complete with several bouts of hail and a power outage... friends of the family drove in from a few miles south of the city though and wondered how everything here got so wet (sunny skies all the way for them) thought for sure some of the black swirling clouds on the horizon were heading for funnels but NO TORNADO(O)!
  16. there's a money shot awesome pics brother, thanks for sharin!
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