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  1. Richie Haven's folks have the bombest glasses
  2. paisley

    ah Zep

    Hi Everybody! don't have full time computer access so I'm only on here some of the time but... is good to be back!
  3. paisley

    ah Zep

    all you other old people remember this... Since I've Been Loving You
  4. I wondered if she was really truly a blond, but upon deeper investigation I found myself none the wiser. (kiddin)
  5. paisley

    golf online?

    "whatsisname" caught up with Tiger after giving him a great run all weekend... forced him into a playoff... and all the announcers would talk about was "what does this mean to Tiger in 2011?" "Tiger's changed his swing." Tiger. Tiger. Tiger this. Tiger that. love tiger's game but was so glad that other guy who's name wasn't drilled into my head ever 5 seconds won. was a great game.
  6. life's a strange thing. very short and very long. it can't really be measured in years. love is strong. carry on. my true sympathies go out to you. take some time for yourself soon. a new course maybe. be well.
  7. DOWN WITH CANADIANS!!! here! here!
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