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hookah haloween download..


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Looks like a pretty good show... thought someone might want to check it out.

I guess the first and second set each fit on a disc by themselves so I recommend shifting some tracks around or something and keeping that Echoes all together. At least that's what some other people have said..


Ekoostik Hookah

October 31, 2003

Newport Music Hall

Columbus, OH

Source: MC012 > UA5 > D8

Transfer: Sony 57ES > Coax > M-Audio 2496 > Sound Forge v6.0 > .wav > mkw v.97a > .shn

Disk 1

~Set I~

01: Find Out >

02: Daffodils in Detroit

03: Slipjig Through the Poppy Fields

04: Through Hiker *

05: Seagull

Disk 2

~Set I cont~

01: Deal with It

02: Alexander II

~Set II~

03: Echoes >

04: Life is Good

05: Caravan

06: Lax

Disk 3

~Set II cont~

01: Octofrye

02: Echoes


03: announcement

04: Indica > **

05: Werewolves of London >

06: Spiders


* W/ Derek Trucks

** left unfinished

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Yeah guys, that show was incredible! The next night was awesome too, 3 sets... The second set on Nov 2 was by far the best of the 3. If you want the setlist, let me know and I'll post it here for you.

Hope you are all doing well...

Schwa, it was great to meet you, looking forward to the road trip up North for Dec 5...

Keri, great to see you again, as always. And I loved the review of the Detroit show... AND I was thoroughly impressed with you and Blair's "dance move" even if Eric wasn't [smile] Tell everyone I said "HI" and I hope to be able to see a whole bunch of you guys the weekend of the 5th!

Take Good Care

Steve from "C"

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Hey "S" from "C"!

Yeah, that was a fun night in Detroit! And I got Frankie's phone message from the H'ween show, that was fun! Glad you had a couple more great shows after the Detroit one.

Yeah, the fifth of Dec... it's not looking entirely promising for me. Have to wrk the next morning. I'll have to try and figure something out. You should come up and and see grand theft bus this saturday.

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Steve from Cleveland! Come up to see Deisel Dog regardless. Should be a pretty good time. If you need a place to crash for the evening i'm your man. One couch and some floor space, but i'm not too sure we'll sleep much. Email me jdanglais@yahoo.ca for directions and my phone number. Make sure you bring Julia, Karin and James too!

Holy moly, i just about forgot about molesting poor Cliff that night (what a good sport), and what about the pics of the Hookah bus Ker? Email em to me.

Keri, make it to KW. Also send me Blair's email.

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Well, that was STUPID, I could have home and Seen GTB because I DIDN'T have to work, it turns out. Then I sat around doing NOTHING all day because I thought Julia was coming down after she got off work, and then AFTER she got off she told me she didn't feel like driving 4 hours. So I could have left in the afternoon and made it up there, so I'm bummed out a little bit... Oh well, what can ya do, eh?

Schwa... Julia and I are still planning on coming up on the 5th for DD, but we'll have to play it by ear, because of the fact that I am taking the whole weekend off before that Thurs-Sun for Thanksgiving/Hookah. We'll see how work feels about 2 weeks in a row. I just started, and I don't think it'll be a problem, but we'll see... Jules just started a new job as well. I'll keep in touch with regards to that situation.

Talk to you guys soon!

Steve from C

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