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Hello friends,

We hope you are doing as well as can be in these crazy times.

We're writing with some exciting news. If you haven’t already heard, last month we launched The Barr Brothers' Patreon Catharsis Experiment. “What is that?”, you ask. For roughly the same price as a hot chocolate, you can have access to an avalanche of rare and exclusive Barr Brothers material, rolled out in doses, that you won't find anywhere else. It's in this domain that we'll be emancipating the odds and ends, the static orphans, the dusty hard drives, the archival footage, and new music splatter that has been hiding in the pulverant corners of our world. It's here that we shed the veneer of professionalism and poise and let you in on what really goes on when nobody is looking. We'll be releasing alternate takes, unreleased B-sides, demos, multi-tracked shows, studio experiments gone awry, and who knows what else. And videos! This could go anywhere. An "Ask Andrew" series...? "Great Moments in Russian History” with Morgan Moore....? Maybe even some live-streamed sessions from our studio as we continue to work on our next record, or just blow off steam. There are a lot of possibilities. We’re as curious as you might be as to where this can lead. It’s directly curated by the band, updated monthly, built for experimentation and delight. And....we'll be donating a percentage of your contributions to a different charity each month and updating you about it.

For its debut, we are pleased to offer you this first round of material from off our shelves:

-A multi-tracked live show from the last time we played Levon Helm's Barn in Woodstock, NY December 8, 2018

-A rough mix of our song Kisses From Chelsea from the 2013 Sleeping Operator session, recorded by Ryan Freeland, previously unreleased

-"Devil's Harp" and "Give the Devil Back His Heart", skillfully filmed by our friend Nicolas and Co. during the first night of the "An Album Nightly" shows in Montreal on March 7, 2019.

-A playlist of 5 near-and-dear, unreleased, never before heard, instrumental songs recorded at various instances over the last few years.

So, if any of this piques your interest, we invite you to click the link below and join this experiment!!


Sending you Love and Health in 2021,

Brad, Andrew and the band.


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