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  1. the spirit of jerry is deep inside me.
  2. you don't need a miracle. you need 59.95 + service charges.
  3. Any tips? I know there are a lot of travellers here so i thought i would ask.
  4. that's right fuckers.... d-bag is goin to AC for some mother fucker pheesh. anyone else? admit it...this place sucks without me.
  5. kuroda's shit is a billion times better. sure those are some "trippy" effects, but there is zero tact or much skill used in deploying them. zero symmetry, no real sense of design.
  6. ? i hate the world in which there is no berkfest to get your crunchy grooves.
  7. I feel like if the people that planned this had squeezed in more performances like KD Lang and not worried so much about proving to the world that Canada has an identity, the Ceremony could have gone down in the history books. Not saying that poem by that Neck Beard was bad or anything, but, its kind the epitome of our problem. He was commissioned to write that thing as a testament to the world of who we are. Why do we need to prove who we are to anyone? Lets give the world what we're really about; incredible performers. The Neil Youngs, The Kd Langs, the Arcade Fires etc. Lets let them use that mind blowing light installation that they created. Lets use their music to honor imagery of peace and athletics. But unfortunately, the majority of that incredible production was wasted on trying to focus on some sort of Canadian Identity. Canada’s Land, Canada’s so called Natives, Canada’s Irish, Canada’s this, Canada’s that, Blah blah blah. I’ve never seen a ceremony with such a heavy emphasis on “identityâ€. Its Canada's (at least, the people in charge of attempting to "brand" us) inferiority complex that made that ceremony, at times, come off as kind of pathetic. Had it not been for KD's heart stopping, mind blowing, awe inspiring rendition of that incredible song, the ceremony for the most part would have been a dud. When it boils down to it, Canada, when faced with presenting ourselves to the world, comes off as the ugly girl in high school, who actually really is pretty, but just doesn't know it, and tries too hard to "fit in" and ends up being perceived as pathetic. Know what I'm sayin? Had we just filled the ceremony with non stop incredible performances by our greatest talents, in that incredible production, we would have done something truly Canadian: That is; not worried about "proving" anything (ala all other ceremonies) and just done something truly incredible, entertaining, and genuine. .
  8. here you go you filthy animals. i uploaded this just for you. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LQQ33EM6
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