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  1. "Jazz-fest has successfully rolled itself, temporarily, across Laurier to Festival Plaza" - knowing where the After-Dark tent is usually, how have they fit the main stage on that side as well? (edit 1: from this https://twitter.com/myleneabizeid/status/1010012187727761409 it looks like the stage is near Laurier and faces east. I guess tartan stage would have to be almost directly beside this) (edit 2: it seems they have it shown on google maps this year rather than an illustration, https://ottawajazzfestival.com/2018-jazz-festival-map-carte-festival-de-jazz-2018 and tartan stage is over on Lisgar field) "leaves the average music lover who didn't bring a chair and doesn't mind being with other people' section quite a small slice" - gets worse every year. and this time around we're supposed to sit on the concrete ?
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