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  1. MNM Presents a double-trouble Saturday Night: The return of Brothers Past and this time accompanied by the one and only Jeff Bujak. Huge! BROTHERS PAST w/ JEFF BUJAK SATURDAY APRIL 9 @SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St Buffalo NY 14202 Doors / Show 10pm . 18+ . $12 adv https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=170074086376183&ref=ts TICKETS: http://mnmpresents.inticketing.com/events/141976 BROTHERS PAST http://www.brotherspast.com/ Some bands are recognized for their outstanding live show, others for their prowess in the studio. Philadelphia's Brothers Past garners accolades on both fronts, emerging at the forefront of electro-rock with a willingness to blend various styles seamlessly into an original sound. Yet, whether live or in the studio, the art of songcraft is the prevailing element in their music. Morgan Wells of Urb Magazine describes the band's latest work as "...a glimpse into the future of pop music... Brothers Past offers a smooth and believable blend of electronica, rock and pop just original enough to place [This Feeling's Called Goodbye] at the top of a growing pile of genre-bending releases." Steven Rosen in HARP echoed the praise: "There's a future in this kind of music." Hailed by critics and fans alike for it's catchy rock anthems, captivating arrangements and inspired lyrics, the album received numerous "Top Ten" mentions and was nominated by the Jammy Awards for "Album of the Year." The release has established Brothers Past as innovative songwriters with a progressive vision towards future. As a seasoned national act, the band has received attention for delivering a thunderous live show, with a wide repertoire of songs and sounds. Tapped to perform the main stage at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2006, Brothers Past emerged as one of the surprise favorite acts. "The square-jawed, bastard child of Pink Floyd with a gigantic stage show," dubbed The New York Press. Richard Gehr of the Village Voice exclaimed, "Elements has style. It's one of the first great post-Phish trance-fusion albums and sounds like Pink Floyd jamming with Sasha and Digweed in Brian Eno's bedroom." JEFF BUJAK http://www.jeffbujak.com/ Jeff Bujak is a Northampton, MA based keyboardist/producer/compo ser who has designed a new style of intelligent dance music (IDM) that dives deep into the waters of complex electronica and he’s carving a fresh path in the live-music scene one performance at a time. Though, if you ask a Jeff Bujak fan to describe his music, a blank face followed by a smile would prove to be a common trial answer, then usually words like ‘dirty’ and ‘epic’ start pouring out. His music falls into a large pool of electronica dance genres, lands on one and leaps to the next while he wails away on his keyboards to create something truly moving, smart and original. Bujak began his history with the piano at age 7. He started studying music theory a couple years later and began understanding the math of music. Since then, he has written over 300-solo compositions ranging from standard classical styles to extravagant heavy metal fury. He looks for what’s been done before and finds a way to recreate the theory with dance music in a way that hasn’t been heard, yet strangely familiar at the same time. He handcrafts his own hard-driving beats and loops, then samples and performs his half improv/ half composed pieces live to create an experience clearly pushed into it’s own category. Jeff Bujak tours live full-time with 4-studio albums, over 120-multitrack live-albums under his belt and enough keyboard/ gadget wizardry and sequencing know-how to hold the energy in a raging audience for over 4-hours straight. Whether it’s the two 4 ½ hour non-stop sets on Jam Cruise earlier this year or the countless set-break sets from last year for The New Deal, Lotus and Eoto, Bujak is perfoming memorable sets and quickly becoming one of the most talked about solo acts on the road. Brought to you by MNM PRESENTS http://www.mnmpresents.com /
  2. MNM Presents Brainfeeder Buffalo v.2 DAEDELUS . TOKIMONSTA . SHLOHMO w/ special guest Ay Fast (live) / & Papi Chulo opens WEDNESDAY APRIL 6 2011 @SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St Buffalo NY 14202 Doors / Show 9pm . 18+ . $15 https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=154509017941338&ref=ts TICKETS: http://mnmpresents.com/upcoming-events/daedelus-tokimonsta-shlohmo/ DAEDELUS http://daedelusmusic.com/ In this release for Flying Lotus’ up-and-coming label Brainfeeder, Daedelus presents a soundtrack-of-sorts to the Boxer Rebellion. What, you ask, could make such ancient history an inspiration for modern electronics? Well, Daedelus has found a strange relevance to our modern malady in these epic events of long ago… Daedelus endeavors to compose a requiem for the end — of beliefs, of lives, and of an era. This elegy for a bygone battle sheds light on our own contemporary conundrum: will our faith in modernity be our downfall? Are we blinded by this age of wonders, doomed to be destroyed by our ingenious inventions? Although Daedelus’ music has always juxtaposed organic and electronic elements, they war as never before on “Righteous Fists of Harmony,†a portrait of a tumultuous era that came crashing to a close. TOKIMONSTA http://www.tokimonsta.com/ http://www.myspace.com/tokibeats Born and raised in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) was an unfocused pupil of classical piano. However, she has come to use this background to create vast textural soundscapes through utilizing live instruments, percussion, digital manipulation, and dusty noise. Through her musical creations, she is able to fuse vintage sounds with progressive styles into something unique. Her music has been recognized and praised by the very best in avant-garde and mainstream media. TOKiMONSTA has been featured on various large scale radio programs such as: BBC Radio1, NPR, BBC World Service, J Wave (JP), Studio Brussels (BE), Radio Nova (FR), KCRW (USA) to name a few. Subsequently, she has been featured in print by DJ Mag, Pitchfork, XLR8R, URB, Paper, LA Times, SPIN, and more. LA Weekly ranked her as 2010's #1 female DJ in Los Angeles. Additionally, Resident Adviser did a full feature on her for their "Breaking Through," an RA series which focuses on the next big artist. Not only has she caught ears of many as a different dimension of Los Angeles-based music, TOKiMONSTA is notably the first female to join crew/label BRAINFEEDER headed by Flying Lotus- celebrated as the most exciting LA music label by LA Weekly. In addition, she is also a 2010 Red Bull Music Academy alumni, allowing her to join the ranks of other elite taste maker alumni. Her live performance is engaging as well as intricate-using a laptop, other pieces of instrumentation and multimedia to orchestrate a truly interactive experience. She is a fearless and energetic performer who tours regularly around the world from LA to NY, London to Tel Aviv, Singapore to Tokyo. Some notable past performance were at DEMF, Sonar Barcelona. With the positive exposure and increasing movement surrounding her, she is scheduled to perform at Coachella, WMC, SXSW, Sonar Tokyo, Wakarusa, and more in 2011. She will also be co-headlining with Daedelus on a 32 date US tour. SHLOHMO http://www.myspace.com/shlomoshun 20-years old Shlohmo (living in Los Angeles and San Francisco) delivers the soundtrack for the LA aftershow party. His tracks swarm from dirty textures, strange sounds and obscured samples. It’s Hip Hop that you hear, the echoes are clearly there: under the blanket the beats are alive and kicking, the compression is awful (as we love it) and from the way Shlohmo arranges his tracks, it is clear what this kid listens to at night. Solanaceous and surreal music from the point Burial and Flying Lotus let off. He also part-runs the WEDIDIT Collective. DAEDELUS . TOKIMONSTA . SHLOHMO w/ special guest Ay Fast (live) / & Papi Chulo opens WEDNESDAY APRIL 6 2011 @SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St Buffalo NY 14202 Doors / Show 9pm . 18+ . $15 Adv TICKETS: http://mnmpresents.com/upcoming-events/daedelus-tokimonsta-shlohmo/ Brought to you by MNM PRESENTS http://www.mnmpresents.com /
  3. MNM Presents & Riproc are extremely proud to present DIPLO w/ special guests Steve Kream . Skanntron . Mario Bee SUN MARCH 27 2011 @PEARL NIGHTLCUB 349 East Ave. Rochester NY Doors / Show 9pm . 21+ . $15 https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=126329237438937 Capacity is limited, get tickets NOW: http://mnmpresents.com/upcoming-events/diplo/ DIPLO DIPLO DIPLO http://maddecent.com/ http://www.myspace.com/diplo Known internationally as a curator amongst the world’s most cutting edge DJs, producers, and musical movements Wesley Pentz (better known as DIPLO) has experienced a variety of successes. The last few years have been spent running through the club circuit and having chart-topping hits with refreshing irreverence. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, in 1978, Pentz spent most his childhood in Florida working in his fathers bait shop and being turned onto music thru then new mediums like MTV. Drifting North thru the state came Miami Bass and from the West came the sounds of Southern Hip Hop artists. The musical influence and variety coalesced and at 18 Pentz moved to Philadelphia for college at Temple University to study Film & Music. While a student he took a job in the South Philadephia community as a social worker and created the influential Hollertronix club night, which was the beginning of his fledgling career as DIPLO. In 2004 Pentz released his debut album as Diplo called, Florida. It received praise and accolades in the underground community. The music embodied on this album led to an introduction via an A&R man at XL Records to M.I.A. In 2004 he partnered with M.I.A. for the mixtape Piracy Funds Terrorism. Pentz’s cultural impact had started to snowball. Together they worked on her first album Arular and much of her second Kala, including the 2008 mega-hit “Paper Planes,†which reached No. 3 in the US Charts and earned him a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year. His production credits have evolved since to include Santigold, Lil’ Jon and Missy Elliot, while remixing works by Beck, Radiohead, Britney Spears and countless others. In 2009 Pentz teamed with frequent collaborator Dave Taylor (aka Switch) to release the futuristic dancehall album Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do under the guise of Major Lazer, a Jamaican militant at war with an evil army of zombies, mummies and vampires. Meanwhile, his record label Mad Decent has helped to introduce Brazilian baile funk, Angolan Kuduro and other marginalized music to clubs around the world, developing as a trendsetting force with which to be reckoned. With the same mission in mind, some of the varied acts Pentz has signed or produced include Rye Rye, Bonde do Role, Crookers, Blaqstarr, Boy 8-Bit, Buraka Som Systema, and Rusko, allowing Mad Decent to act as a launching pad or home base for many others while spreading its influence across the globe. Through the label, Pentz has founded a charity called Heaps Decent as a social relief program to help children in Australia as well as with additional efforts internationally. In early 2009 Pentz debuted his film Favela on Blast, a five-years-in-the-making documentary exploring the Brazilian slum favelas of Rio de Janeiro and the thriving baile funk music scene that exists within. He is currently developing a TV show to air in 2011. Through a widespread assortment of releases and artists’ works – from cumbia to dubstep to punk and beyond – Diplo has shown dynamic range with interests that span far beyond any singular culture or musical realm, standing as a working model for the truly 21st Century artist. w/ special guests Steve Kream . Skanntron . Mario Bee TICKETS TICKETS TICKETS TICKETS http://mnmpresents.inticketing.com/events/139615 Brought to you by MNM Presents & hosted by RIPROC http://www.mnmpresents.com / http://riproc.com/
  4. MNM presents the explosive, mind-melting C.T.S. w/ very special guests from Tel Aviv Israel, Eatliz; whom they met on their tour there. Damn this is one for the books! CONSIDER THE SOURCE w/ EATLIZ (Tel Aviv Israel) @ NIETZSCHES 248 Allen St. Buffalo NY 14201 Doors 9pm . Show 10pm . 21+ https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=190619764302688&ref=ts TICKETS: http://mnmpresents.inticketing.com/events/139854 CONSIDER THE SOURCE http://www.considerthesourcemusic.com/ CHECK THIS OUT: “intense jams, showcasing their diversity and pushing their instruments to the proverbial limit†– Relix.com “a shimmering prog-rock opus†– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “having seen them live, I completely understand why people are so fanatical about them. They were amazing.†– Guilt Free Pleasures “Consider The Source not so much played music as put the audience in a trance, taking those who listened to them in a sort of timeless zone, riding the melodies and funk.†– Florida SunSentinal CONSIDER THE SOURCE w/ EATLIZ (Tel Aviv Israel) @ NIETZSCHES 248 Allen St. Buffalo NY 14201 Doors 9pm . Show 10pm . 21+ Brought to you by MNM PRESENTS http://www.mnmpresents.com /
  5. MNM Presents The Luvstep Tour Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix http://www.luvstep.com/ w/ special guests Stuntman & More TBA TICKETS & MORE: http://mnmpresents.com/upcoming-events/luvstep-dirty-south-joe-flufftronix/ LUVSTEP cums in Soundlab Saturday March 26 : Expect a fully-themed event!.. complete with lots of Luv & Bass Luvstep is the sound of electronic gruv glide inside lazer guided lullabies. It’s a return to innocence through experience, best expressed with headphones, in bedrooms, or in this case a sweaty, grinding dance floor. It’s melody for the mess we’re in – the love, the lust, the loss, the lies, the light & the life! Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix are the messengers and Luvstep is the message. Cross over and come inside. Check out Mad Decent’s coverage for an exclusive track from the mix by Derek “DJA†Allen & Top Billin! LUVSTEP: DIRTY SOUTH JOE & FLUFFTRONIX w/ special guests Stuntman & More TBA SATURDAY MARCH 26 @SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St. Buffalo NY 14202 10pm . 18+ . $12 adv . This is a "Luvstep" party. Come prepared. Brought to you by: MNM PRESENTS http://www.mnmpresents.com /
  6. MNM Presents a rare treat. The UK's Twisted Records very own OTT. (MIR Album Release Tour) w/ PHUTUREPRIMITIVE WED MARCH 23 2011 @ SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St. Buffalo NY 930pm . 10pm show . $12 adv https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=127825537290140&ref=ts TICKETS: http://mnmpresents.com/upcoming-events/ott/ A night of music, art, mind, and dance. OTT. (Twisted Records) http://www.ottsonic.net/ OTT. LIVE: Ott. returns to the United States to tour in support of his brand new full-length album “Mir.†On this release the veteran producer, known for evolving the sound of roots and dub, takes his music to new heights. His prolific career with influential UK label Twisted Records has seen two successful full-length releases, collaborative work with Simon Posford (SHPONGLE), as well as the release of his world renowned “Hallucinogen In Dub†remixes. Now Ott.’s direct-to-fan release, “Mir,†is sure to be his best work to date and to accompany this tour-de-force Ott. will be performing a re-formatted LIVE PA set in packed clubs and festivals across the US. w/ Phutureprimitive http://www.phutureprimitive.com/ Phutureprimitive is lined up to support Ott. on every show of this tour to herald the release of his new full-length album, “Kinetic.†This long awaited release from the chillout champion follows up his 2010 EP “Luminous†and will be his first full-length release since “Sub Conscious†in 2004. Phutureprimitive’s admired reputation among the underground chillout scene will finally surface to be appreciated by the masses. OTT. (MIR Album Release Tour) w/ PHUTUREPRIMITIVE WED MARCH 23 2011 @ SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St. Buffalo NY 930pm . 10pm show . $12 adv Brought to you by MNM PRESENTS http://www.mnmpresents.com /
  7. MNM is proud to present PRETTY LIGHTS http://www.prettylightsmusic.com http://www.myspace.com/prettylights DOWNLOAD THE NEW EP FREE http://www.prettylightsmusic.com Pretty Lights is the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith, accompanied in the live setting by drummer, Cory Eberhard. Together these two achieve a raw energy rarely reached in the realm of electronic music. At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground in the basic form of bangin' beats, Pretty Lights is giving the people what they want; electro organic cutting-edge party rocking beats that fill venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies. And the people are responding. Pretty Lights' three albums, Taking Up Your Precious Time, Filling Up The City Skies, and Passing By Behind Your Eyes have been downloaded over 500,000 times from PrettyLightsMusic.com. A 2009 sold out North American tour propelled Pretty Lights into 2010 with the first tour dates in the UK and Europe and a nationwide spring tour including stops at Coachella, SXSW, and Ultra Music Festival. New EP "Making Up A Changing Mind" is available now for FREE via http://www.prettylightsmusic.com w/ special guests CHIDDY BANG http://www.myspace.com/chiddybang WEDNESDAY JUNE 2 WATER STREET MUSIC HALL 204 N. Water St Rochester NY Doors 8pm / Show 9pm / $18 / 18+ GET TICKETS NOW:: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/00004 ... rcatid=201 TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE FROM THESE RETAIL OUTLETS :: Thread Clothing - 654 South Avenue, ROC Krudco Skate Shop - 83 Howell Street, ROC Record Archive - 33 Rockwood Street, ROC Aaron's Alley - 662 Monroe Avenue, ROC Terrapin Station - 1172 Hertel Avenue, BUF Brought to you by MNM Presents http://www.mnmpresents.com
  8. MNM Presents another big banger! After several tours opening for the likes of THE NEW DEAL, STS9, LOTUS, & DISCO BISCUITS, & fresh out of the studio after making some monster tracks with Alex B of PNUMA fame, we welcome a headlining performance from BIG GIGANTIC http://www.biggigantic.net http://www.myspace.com/biggigantic One thing Dominic Lalli (Motet saxophonist/producer) is not afraid of, is trying new things. Big Gigantic is Lalli’s latest project that showcases an array of gripping composition combining elements of a DJ and a live band setup. Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken mix thoughtful melodic ideas, with pulsating dance tunes, sure to energize the dance floor. Big Gigantic flavors the electronic music scene with powerful sax solos and soulful synth lines on top of super hot beats. Even in its early stages, Big Gigantic has played numerous sell out shows leaving audiences begging for more. w/ special guests BIG BASHA AreHouse *Live* PA Dubstep VISUALS BY VJ DELIRIA SATURDAY JANUARY 30 @SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St. Downtown Buffalo Doors / Show 10pm ~ 18+ ~ $10 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT:: http://www.mnmpresentsbiggigantic.eventbrite.com & TERRAPIN STATION & SUNDAY SKATE (Buffalo) RSVP ON FACEBOOK::: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=191916570815&ref=ts Brought to you by MNM PRESENTS http://www.mnmpresents.com
  9. MNM PRESENTS & AFTER DARK ARE SUPER DUPER PROUD TO PRESENT THURSDAY JANUARY 21 AT BIG ORBITS SOUNDLAB PREFUSE 73 http://www.prefuse73.com/ Prefuse 73 is the alias of Scott Herren, an experimental hip-hop producer whose material often features MCs buried in the mix to become more a part of the sonic texture than a focal point. Herren began his career working in commercial studios in Atlanta, but later went on to more experimental work. His first record under the Prefuse name, Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives, not only buried but cut up and spliced raps as well as allowing some more straightforward vocals from several MCs. The 2003 follow-up, One Word Extinguisher, carried on in a similar vein. That same year, Warp released Extinguished: Outtakes -- a fascinating EP of beats and samples that ran through 23 tracks in about 35 minutes. Surrounded by Silence, the proper successor to One Word Extinguisher, was released in March of 2005, featuring collaborations with rappers Ghostface and Aesop Rock, plus Blonde Redhead and EL-P. Three months later, an EP of recordings made with the band the Books appeared, titled Reads the Books. The next Prefuse record, 2006's Security Screenings, was relatively collaboration-free; it featured only two guests, Four Tet's Kieran Hebden and Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio. Preparations, featuring Battles drummer John Stanier on one track, followed in 2007, and Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian appeared in early 2009. Herren has also worked under his own name and that of Savath + Savalas and Delarosa & Asora. Geoff Orens, All Music Guide THE GASLAMP KILLER http://www.thegaslampkiller.com The Gaslamp Killer is a Los Angeles-based DJ whose eclectic style ranges from psychedelia and world music to dubstep and left-field hip-hop. Associated with Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Records, he made his production debut in the late 2000s with a series of EPs. Born William Benjamin Bensussen, he originally comes from San Diego, CA, whose downtown Gaslamp District’s bar scene inspired him to name himself the Gaslamp Killer in disgust for much of the patronage. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, he found a niche for himself amid the city’s massive underground party scene and ultimately found a home for himself as a resident DJ at the club Low End Theory, which resulted in a series of club-sponsored podcasts. He also released a series of mix CDs, among them Gaslamp Killers (2007), It’s a Rocky Road (2007), I Spit on Your Grave (2008), Hell and the Lake of Fire Are Waiting for You! (2009), and All Killer (2009), the latter a label showcase for the London-based world psychedelia imprint Finders Keepers Records. As a producer, the Gaslamp Killer made his debut in the late 2000s, releasing, for instance, a split single with Free the Robots, “The Killer Robots,†on Obey Records in 2008 and an EP, My Troubled Mind, on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Records in 2009. VOICES VOICES www.myspace.com/wearevoicesvoice THURSDAY JANUARY 21 @ SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St Buffalo NY 14202 Doors 930pm / Show 10pm / 18+ / $15 GET YOUR TICKETS RIGHT HERE: http://www.mnmpresentsprefuse.eventbrite.com ALSO AT SUNDAY SKATE & TERRAPIN STATION RSVP ON FACEBOOK RIGHT HERE:: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=349393790057 Brought to you by MNM PRESENTS http://www.mnmpresents.com http://www.facebook.com/mnmpresents
  10. HELL YES. TIGERSAPIEN. too makes for good Halloween, they don some pretty crazy tiger masks. All gimmicks aside their music is awesome too. GO TO BUFFALO THIS FRIDAY YOU WONT BE SAD YOU DID!
  14. [color:orange]HALLOWEEN WEEKEND MASSIVE LOTUS LOTUS ANNOUNCE HUGE FALL TOUR THE BAND RELEASES A PAIR OF EPs: FEATHER ON WOOD AND OIL ON GLASS For those waiting for a concert experience with the dynamics of a rock band, the dance inducing rhythms of club music, and the sophistication of modern electronica, an unlikely musical alternative has arrived in the form of the band Lotus. Formed at a Mennonite college that had banned on-campus dancing as late as the 1980's, Lotus brings their club-worthy beats and rocking instrumental anthems to theaters throughout the country this fall. No glow-stick bracelets, pretentious Can trivia, or expensive distressed fashion required. This fall the band is embarking on its most ambitious tour with over 40 dates in the US and Japan including their ground breaking announcement of eight 'Pay What You Want" concerts in the Western US. To coincide with this massive tour, the band is releasing two new EP's on October 6th: Feather on Wood and Oil on Glass. The material on both Feather on Wood and Oil on Glass can be directly traced back to Lotus’ 2008 full-length release, Hammerstrike. A number of songs were recorded that didn't find their way onto Hammerstrike (either they hadn't been finished by deadlines or they weren't coalescing with the sound of that project), but after finishing the album, Lotus decided to revisit these tracks, and the results are extraordinary. Feather on Wood is sunnier with a laid-back vibe, yet not afraid of big rock beauty, while Oil on Glass is darker in character, with more head-nodding tempos. What critics have been saying about Lotus: “… simultaneously making waves on the jam, indie and electronic scenes thanks to a series of well-crafted albums.†- Relix “Lotus continue to expand upon its post-everything rock/electronic/jazz/free-form pastiche.†- Big Shot Magazine “…intent on creating a new genre (few try that these days)...it is rock, and smart disco, funk and soul, piano pop, world music, and modern alienation stuff and jazz fusion you can dance to all wrapped up in cellophane.†-Big Takeover [color:orange]W/ SPECIAL GUESTS TIGERSAPIEN. (Philly/NYC) www.myspace.com/tigersapien Incredible 4-piece electro act complete with Tiger masks to boot. Perfect compliment to incredible evening. STAY TUNED FOR AFTER-PARTY INFO!! [color:orange] FRIDAY OCTOBER 30TH TOWN BALLROOM 681 Main St. Downtown Buffalo NY DOORS 8PM / SHOW 9PM / ALL AGES ** TICKETS ON SALE RIGHT HERE ** http://purchase.tickets.com/buy/TicketPurchase?agency=TDC&pid=6578050 OR AT TERRAPIN STATION, TOPS MARKETS, & TOWN BALLROOM BOX OFFICE VISIT THE ALL-NEW MNM WEBSITE FOR UPCOMING EVENTS::: www.MNMPRESENTS.com BROUGHT TO YOU BY www.MNMPRESENTS.com & www.buffaloafterdark.org
  15. This just in!::: MNM is very proud to present... [color:red]DARK PARTY -Live PA Hardware set- (aka ELIOT LIPP & LEO123 - Brooklyn/Chicago) [Old Tacoma, Mush, Ghostly Swim] http://www.myspace.com/drkprty [color:red]Saturday Oct 10th @ 10 pm “Unlike the sleek, chrome-plated sheen of Lipp's usual style of electronica, Dark Party offers a doper, more bumpin' ride; with Lipp laying down the bleeps and textures as Leo punches out labyrinths of twisting rhythms that owe more than a little to the pop-locking 808 beats of oldskool hip-hop and electro-funk pioneers like Mantronix and Newcleus.†- GAPERS BLOCK “Anything with Eliot Lipp's name on it seems likely to bubble over with Moogs and disco-pulsing sheen — and that's not a bad thing. Leo123 and Lipp wear the Dark Party moniker like a slick silvery space suit, moon-raking over Daedelus's earthy, Latin-based percussion throwdown with chopped vocals and alien, purring analogues. Lengthy, too; it's less of a dark party and more like a dark electrofunk odyssey.“ - MIAMI NEW TIMES Over the last couple years, Dark Party has been rocking many one-off gigs, sharing the stage with acts like Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer, Skream, Prefuse 73, Mike Slott, edIT, Bassnectar & many others. They have also been commissioned for remix work from the likes Daedelus, Duopandamix, Labwaste and Retina.IT, in addition to releasing the exclusive song “Active†on the hugely popular ‘Ghostly Swim’ compilation in 2008 (a Ghostly Recs & Adult Swim collab). The future seems bright for this dynamic duo as every move Dark Party makes finds their loyal fan base growing more and more. It’s hard to believe their debut album hasn’t been released yet, but when it finally drops you can bet it will be hugely received. For now, fans at each show will be treated to all of the great music that will appear on the forthcoming album, as well as brand new, unreleased future classics from a pioneering production duo who have been praised from a wide range of fans & critics - from Pitchfork to Dazed & Confused, from XLR8R to High Times, from The Fader to Okayplayer. Music this good defies musical boundaries. [color:red]MUX MOOL -Live PA- [Ghostly, Moodgadget] http://www.myspace.com/muxmool http://www.moodgadget.com/releases/death-9000'>http://www.moodgadget.com/releases/death-9000 http://www.moodgadget.com Minnesota native, now Brooklyn based, MUX MOOL has been blowing away a growing fanbase throughout 2009. Mux Mool’s eclectic & fun dance/ hip hop sound has been compared to great acts like Daft Punk, Dabrye, Lindstrom, Eliot Lipp, Nosaj Thing, Free The Robots, etc. He puts on a vibrant & energetic Live PA performance that gets concertgoers dancing & having fun. He has shared the stage with acts like Matt & Kim, Eliot Lipp, Nosaj Thing, Machinedrum and much more. After being on iTunes best of in 2006 with the song "Lost and Found," he hit best of again in 2008 with Best Track "Death 9000 (Machinedrum remix)." That same year he was picked as Best New Artist with the 7-song experiment titled "Drum EP" and had a song on the iTunes Best Instrumental album pick, which was Moodgadget's "Synchronicity Suite" with the track "10.†Moodgadget is the label home of Mux Mool currently. MM’s song "Night Court" was also featured on the collaboration compilation between Ghostly International and Adult Swim called "Ghostly Swim" which also had an animated BoyCatBird video and an Adult Swim bump. The compilation was downloaded for free by thousands upon thousands of eager online music fans. After a tour in October of 2008, Mux Mool settled back in Brooklyn to finish two upcoming releases - "Just Saying Is All" (out now on Moodgadget), and a full-length LP entitled "SKULLTASTE" is still in the works. More recently in Spring of 2009, Mux Mool was bestowed with the honor of “NEXT 100†artist editor’s pick by URB Magazine as a new artist to watch in the future. Keep an open ear/eye for this rising talent from the electronic underground! [color:blue]W/ SPECIAL GUESTS FOUREM -Live Band www.myspace.com/fourem All-Live glitch-hop/indie-electro - Buffalo AREHOUSE - LIVE Dubstep (Dubotron 3000 WBNY / Imperative Rec) http://www.myspace.com/rhowzemusic Check out this up-and-coming talent rocking LIVE Dubstep intermissions on an Ableton & Midi. SOUNDLAB 10 PM 110 Pearl St. @ Swan Buffalo Brought to you by MNM Presents http://www.mnmpresents.com
  16. MNM IS PROUD TO PRESENT [color:red]Friday OCT 23rd BIODIESEL http://www.biodieselband.com Biodiesel lies in razor thin space between band and dj, synthetic and human, man and machine. On one end you have drumming legend Johnny Rabb- pioneer of the freehand technique, who has performed and given clinics the world over. Recognized as an inventor, author, educator and the original World’s Fastest Drummer, Johnny is able to execute his passion for live electronic music in ways that few (if any) others are able. His high rhythmic plateau is the foundation on which BioDiesel is constructed. Then add Clay Parnell- who is known throughout North America as bassist for Brothers Past – one of the premiere bands blending rock and electronic music. Put their latest studio release at the top of the growing pile of genre bending releases. Performing regularly with what reads like a who’s who list in the edm and livetronica world, Clay has emerged as the go to bassist in this rapidly expanding genre. As if the parts aren’t powerful enough, the real story is the sum that is BioDiesel when Johnny and Clay take the stage. Sharing writing and production duties, the two are able to pull off their complex arrangements utilizing the latest technology the world has to offer. The result is an ensemble that is as powerful and majestic as it is sleek and streamlined. Whether performing their original compositions or their crowd-pleasing live-dance remixes, BioDiesel delivers. Though generally a duo, one never knows who will be joining BioDiesel on stage. Their format so easily allows for guest sit-ins that many BioDiesel performances have produced heavy-weight, one of a kind collaborations. [color:red]JOE NICE http://www.myspace.com/joenice Joe Nice, put simply, is a Dubstep DJ. The most famous American DJ playing Dubstep, Nice founded New York’s irregular Dub War club night, which has hosted performances by prominent British Dubstep artists such as Hatcha, Youngsta, Kode9, Mala, and Loefah. He performs regularly in New York, London (including at scene pillar DMZ), and elsewhere. He first heard Dubstep in 2002, at the Baltimore venue Starscape, and began playing it that same year. He has been praised for his charisma and stage presence. In 2005 music journalist Martin Clark also praised him for his access to new dubplates (in contrast to other American Dubstep DJs) and willingness to play tracks by lesser-known producers.In 2007, Nice was selected as one of URB magazine’s Next 100. TICKETS AT http://www.mnmpresentsjoenicebiodiesel.eventbrite.com $10 early bird on sale now!!! w/ special guests TBA SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St. Buffalo NY 14202 Doors 9pm / Show 930pm / 18+
  17. [color:red]SATURDAY OCTOBER 17th Late-Night After-Party. Gonna be WILD. Advance tickets strongly encouraged. Last time we did this it sold out big time. BREAK SCIENCE feat: ADAM DEITCH http://www.myspace.com/breaksciencemusic http://www.royalfamilyrecords.com Break Science is the culmination of a career of beat bending by its brainchild, Adam Deitch. Whether performing a DJ set with drums / programming or helming a live band, Break Science is club music in the vein of a "live mix tape," blending live trip-hop, broken-beat, dub, drum & bass and hip-hop. The live band features some of the most talented musicians on the New York scene today (sidemen and producers the Fugees, G-Unit, Matisyahu and more). Guests have included luminaries such as Wyclef, Matisyahu, Rob Swift of the Executioners and Talib Kweli. Adam Deitch is the son of two professional funk drummers, first picking up sticks at the age of two. Adam's career crosses genres but has focused on hip-hop, funk and jazz, where he's played the role of both drummer and producer. Inspired by hip-hop at an early age – in particular, by Public Enemy and Eric B and Rakim – Adam began his production career by making loops on a tape deck in his bedroom. He's gone on to produce tracks for some of today's top emcees, including 50-Cent, Redman, Talib Kweli, Snoop Dogg, KRS-One, MF Doom, J-Live, Jurassic 5 and Immortal Technic. Adam has done major session work on drums for artists including Justin Timberlake, Daniel Bedingfield, Anthony Hamilton, DJ Quik and Wycleff, Black Rob and Afu-Ru and the Fugees. Recently Adam has made live appearances with The Game (The Tonight Show), Slick Rick, Lauryn Hill, Pras of the Fugees, GZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Mr. Lif, Akrobatik, Dead Prez, the Ying Yang Twins, John Medeski, Meshell Ndegeocello and his own Fyre Dept as well as being a regular part of Wyclef Jean's band. Adam honed his drumming and production skills while attending the Berklee College of Music. While in Boston Adam began several successful groups including Lettuce, a cult-status funk band that has been recording and touring for 15 years. Lettuce features such noted musicians as Eric Krasno, Ryan Zoidis, Sam Kininger and Neal Evans of Soulive, Erick Coomes, Adam Smirnoff (Robert Randolph) and Rashawn Ross (Dave Mathews Band). In his third year in Boston, he joined the world renowned Average White Band, with whom he performed with for the two years. While touring with AWB, Adam performed alongside many of his heroes including Earth, Wind and Fire, Tower of Power and Chaka Kahn. Adam also has deep roots in the jazz world, recording and touring with jazz legend John Scofield. Adam has recorded on two of John's latest records (both released on legendary label Verve Records): Up All Night, on which he shares composers credit on many of tracks, and the Grammy nominated Uberjam. Adam is constantly creating and continues to play with new groups all the time, insuring his positive contribution to the music of the future and beyond….. w/ Special Guest BIG BASHA (Dubstep) http://www.myspace.com/bigbasha MORE ACTS TBA SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St. @Swan Doors 10pm / Show 11pm Limited Capacity get tickets! $10 EARLY-BIRD TICKETS ON SALE NOW http://www.mnmpresentsbreakscience.eventbrite.com Brought to you by: MNM PRESENTS http://www.MNMPRESENTS.com
  18. Attention friends to the north.. come down and check this out! Tickets available below:) CHARLIE HUNTER TRIO FEATURING ERIC KALB & ERIC BIONDO http://www.charliehunter.com Hunter was born in Rhode Island. When he was four his mom packed him and his younger sister in an old yellow school bus and headed west. After several years living on a commune in Mendocino County they settled in Berkeley, California. Hunter graduated from Berkeley High School and took lessons from famed guitar teacher Joe Satriani. At eighteen he moved to Paris. Returning to the Bay area, Hunter played a seven-string guitar and organ in Michael Franti's political rap group, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy. In 1992, they were one of the opening acts for U2's Zoo TV Tour. Charlie Hunter performs at the Bennett Alliance Music Fest in Rochester, NY (July 21, 2007) since the debut of his self-titled Charlie Hunter Trio in 1993, Charlie Hunter has recorded 17 albums. He co-founded Garage A Trois, a jazz fusion band with Stanton Moore and Skerik. He has collaborated with Bobby Previte for an ongoing project entitled "Groundtruther." He also recorded and toured for Bobby Previte's The Coalition of the Willing in 2006.[3] He appears on acclaimed jazz bassist Christian McBride's Live At Tonic. On both The Coalition of the Willing and Live at Tonic he plays 6-string guitars. His earliest known released recording without unusual guitars is as a guest bassist for the band Sweet Potato from California's East Bay. The song "Crankshaft" can be found on the Ubiquity Records compilation Mo Cookin from 1994 and the song "Monkey Wrench" can be found on the Ubiquity Records compilation Still Cookin from 1995. He also plays guitar on the track "Me and Chuck" from the Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel album, Highball with the Devil, released in 1996. Charlie played in the band T.J. Kirk active 1990s that merged the music of Thelonius Monk, James Brown, and Rahsaan Roland Kirk. T.J Kirk is: Will Bernard - Guitar, John Schott - Guitar, Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar and Scott Amendola - Drums. Three recordings of the time are called: T.J. Kirk August 8, 1995, If Four Was One September 24, 1996 and Talking Only Makes it Worse released in 2005. In the summer of 2007, Charlie toured with a trio that included New York keyboardist Erik Deutsch and New York/New Orleans drummer Simon Lott. This trio recorded the July, 2007 Fantasy release Mistico. In 2008, Hunter recorded his first self-release, "Baboon Strength. Featured on the record are Erik Deutch on keys and Tony Mason on drums. Hunter will return to the studio in Fall of 2009 to record with drummer Eric Kalb. Hunter was also an inaugural member of the Independent Music Awards' judging panel to support independent artists. Hunter believes in free trade of his live shows. Live shows can be streamed or downloaded in various formats on archive.org. W/ SPECIAL GUESTS BEYONDO (FULL BAND!) Ed Note: ~ Eric Biondo (trumpet) is originally from Buffalo, and has done some heavy stuff! Recorded with the likes of Massive Attack, TV on the Radio (both albums & david letterman!), Zack de La Rocha and Stephonik. Member of Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra. He toured the world for two years as a member of The Monkees (for real!). This group also consists of Mike Williams & Tim Allen from THOUGHT, which is MAJOR bonus! HOSTED BY WBFO'S ERIC CRITTENDEN http://www.facebook.com/crittsjukejoint WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH TRALF MUSIC HALL 622 Main St. Downtown Buffalo NY 14202 Doors 7pm / Show 8pm GET TICKETS HERE http://www.ticketmaster.com/The-Charlie-Hunter-Trio-WEric-KalbEric-Biondo-tickets/artist/1346625 RSVP ON FACEBOOK RIGHT HERE http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=131758875378 CHECK OUT MORE EVENTS HERE (OUR BRAND SPANKIN NEW SITE!) http://www.MNMPRESENTS.com BROUGHT TO YOU BY http://WWW.MNMPRESENTS.COM
  19. NINJA TUNE, KRUDMART, & MNM PRESENTS DAEDELUS (live) http://www.myspace.com/daedelusdarling Fresh off an Australian tour with GIRL TALK, LA based producer DAEDELUS has released records on MUSH, NINJA TUNE, PLUG RESEARCH, EPITAPH, DEF JUX + more. He's collaborated and performed with such eclectic acts as DIPLO, JUSTICE, PREFUSE 73, MF DOOM, BUSDRIVER, MOONSTARR, CARLOS NINO and MADLIB. In 2009, Daedelus will follow-up the critically praised "Love To Make Music To" with his next solo release on Ninja Tune, reflecting the new direction his high-energy show has taken this past year. His one-man live beat programing show has garnered comparisons to GIRL TALK and helped him snag the cover of XLR8R this past September, as well as a live late-night dome set at this years COACHELLA festival. Gonna be hype!! GHISLAIN POIRIER http://www.myspace.com/ghislainpoirier Signed to Ninja Tune, producer/DJ Ghislain Poirier is known to push the bass in many directions ranging from digital dancehall, nova soca and electronic riddims. He’s an alchemist specialized in melting many styles down, mixing them and producing some of the most addictive bass-heavy riddims around. His live sets are furious, although a master in the art of making people move in his DJ sets, Poirier spins music that flows effortlessly from dancehall, dubstep, global urban beats, electro, soca and much more. He based and masterminded his sets in Montréal at his sold out party "Bounce le Gros" for two years. Poirier has become renowned globally for his bass slammin remixes that continue to further solidify his title as “king of the bounceâ€. He's remixed tracks for UK grime sensation Lady Sovereign (Def Jam), Bassnectar, Pole, Buck 65, The Editors, Champion, all to much critical acclaim, garnering attention from publications such as pitchforkmedia.com , The Wire and XLR8R Magazine. In 2008 Poirier released the album ‘No Ground Under’ on Ninja Tune. The record was well received by the public and press alike, and as a result he toured in North America and Europe several times. This legend in the making is touring the world extensively playing the underground club circuit. Keep your ears open, your feet in check, and prepare to "BOUNCE"Smiley W/ SPECIAL GUESTS STEVE KREAM & MARK KLOUD FRIDAY JUNE 12 @SOUNDLAB DOORS 9PM - $10 - 18+ TICKETS AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT KRUDMART AND RIGHT HERE:::: http://www.inticketing.com/evinfo.php?eventid=39055 BROUGHT TO YOU BY NINJA TUNE, KRUDMART, & MNM PRESENTS COME PARTY WITH US!
  20. MEATCAMP, EUPHONIC CONCEPTIONS, & MNM PRESENTS... THE OFFICIAL DISCO BISCUITS LATE-NIGHT AFTER-PARTY! Just a few blocks from the free Biscuits show at The Square! Featuring PNUMA TRIO http://www.myspace.com/pnumatrio http://www.pnumatrio.com Dynamic, scene-setting electronica youngsters The Pnuma Trio have been known for their forward-thinking compositions and moving, powerful improvisations since their explosion onto the scene in 2004. Not so young anymore, Ben Hazelgrove, Alex Botwin, and Lane Shaw are proud to call STS9's very hot 1320 Records their new home as they release their debut studio album, 'Character'. With a defined, glitch-informed electro/hip-hop feel and all the dynamic energy of their DJ-killing live show, this new album represents a significantly evolved version of Pnuma's futuristic sound; tighter, more focused, and higher resolution. The long synth solos have been replaced by careful layering; instead of building each song to it's climax the band percolates on hot remixed urban ideas, letting the production create the spacious atmosphere. Self-produced by the band and sporting a special bonus track that features Crown City Rockers MC Rashaan Ahmad, 'Character' is ready to take the scene by storm with it's vast, open feel and deep 808-driven grooves. The rest of the world can only watch and listen as these talented artists come of age and discover the depth of their 'Character'. Download the new album now from 1320records.com and hear the future as it happens! BIG BASHA (dubstep) FOUREM (live electro-glitch-pop) THURSDAY JUNE 4TH IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE FREE BISCUITS SHOW AT THE SQUARE! LESS THAN 1/4 MILE FROM THE SHOW!! @SOUNDLAB 110 Pearl St. @swan Downtown Buffalo NY Doors 9pm / Show 10pm Discount Advance Tickets available at Biscuits Merch Booth at The Square! Brought to you by MEAT CAMP, EC, & MNM Presents www.myspace.com/mnmpresents
  21. One of the biggest shows to reach Buffalo, ever really! TICKETS ARE RIGHT HERE: http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0000426CF1A488C1 I still can't believe these guys are coming here. WORTH THE DRIVE CANADA!!! New album is f*cking NASTY
  22. GOING TO THE DEAD CONCERT THIS TUESDAY? JUST GOING DOWN TO PARTY? For those attending The Dead concert this Tuesday April 21 at HSBC Arena (or for those just planning on being down there to party), we've whipped up a REAL cool after-jam immediately following the show, just TWO BLOCKS from the event! Here's the info!:::: THE DISCO BUS AFTER-PARTY Immediately following The Dead Concert TUESDAY APRIL 21 BUFFALO'S MOST EXPERIENCED AND VERSATILE MUSICIANS Featuring Acid-Dub-Funk-Improv Supergoup::: uPOD:: Eric Crittenden on Sax, Mark Stoj (Rhubarb) & Ron Locurto on guitars, w/ members of Lazlo Hollyfeld on keys, bass & percussion. THIS JAM IS ONLY TWO SHORT BLOCKS FROM THE EVENT!! MAIN FLOOR PEARL ST. GRILL & BREWERY 76 Pearl St. Downtown Buffalo NY 14202 11pm - 2am / 21+ / Only $5 LOOK FOR US ON THE LOT. WE'LL BE REPPIN PRETTY HARD. SEE YOU AT THE SHOW:) http://www.myspace.com/mnmpresents
  23. THRILL JOCKEY & MNM ARE VERY PROUD TO PRESENT... TORTOISE http://www.TRTS.com http://www.myspace.com/tortoise http://www.thrilljockey.com Throughout their 15-year history, Tortoise have been one of the most singularly dynamic bands in modern music. With each record they have not only redefined their own sound, but helped to nudge music itself in unique and exciting new directions. w/ special guests LAZLO HOLLYFELD www.lazlohollyfeld.com www.myspace.com/lazlohollyfeld FRIDAY MAY 29 TRALF MUSIC HALL http://www.tralfmusichall.com 622 Main St. Downtown Buffalo NY DOORS 7pm / SHOW 8pm GET TICKETS HERE!! http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0000426CF1A488C1?artistid=766646&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1 OR GET 'EM AT TRALF BOX OFFICE BROUGHT TO YOU BY http://www.myspace.com/mnmpresents
  24. MAD DECENT RECORDS & MNM ARE SUPER DUPER PROUD TO PRESENT DIPLO WWW.MADDECENT.COM WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DIPLO The artist who first brought M.I.A to our ears, Diplo's endless quest for new sounds has reinvigorated today's popular music. From Rio de Janeiro to London, Wes Pentz aka Diplo has searched the world over for new styles of music, and masterfully converts his findings into party gems. Having started the Hollertronix parties in Philadelphia with Low Budget, Diplo became known as the DJ unafraid to play whatever got the party moving. This attitude has lead him to uncover new music styles, such as Grime originating from the council estates of East London, Baile Funk from the depths of Rio de Janeiro's Favelas (slums), Crunk from Americas dirty south, and Baltimore House from the violence-riddled US city. Diplo is a true master of his craft. He managed to avoid playing predictable dance floor hits, keeping his crowd dancing with an eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Crunk, Baile Funk, Baltimore House, Grime, Electro, Tropicalia, Rock, and more. Thus far he has produced and remixed acts such as Gwen Stefani, Le Tigre, Beck, M.I.A, Kano and Bloc Party, and his list of credits continue to grow. w/ special guest TBA THURSDAY MAY 7 @SOUNDLAB www.bigorbitgallery.org/soundlab 110 Pearl St. Buffalo NY 14202 DOORS 9pm / SHOW 10pm / 18+ LIMITED CAPACITY! ~ GET TICKETS HERE http://www.ticketweb.com/snl/Search.action?query=soundlab&search=basic&beginmonth=02&beginday=19&beginyear=2009&genre=&submit=Search Also at Terrapin Station & Sunday Skate/BMX in Buffalo BROUGHT TO YOU BY www.myspace.com/mnmpresents
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