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  1. i didn't get the email. But i sent you my phone number.
  2. The tickets are lawns. I am downtown in Toronto and would prefer a local deal in person.
  3. Looking for Darien jamjax@hotmail.com
  4. I can't handle it. I'm gonna be shut out!!!
  5. The party did seem to be invite only...Though i saw alot of people there who aren't in the Phish scene. So i wonder who was doing the inviting. Of course it could have been friends of the venue and staff as well. But none of the staff other than me have even heard of Phish. For the record the management and staff of Century room would have LOVED to have more people in. The place was quite empty and they had to send a few bartenders home due to lack of business. There were definately some booths not sold. But it was a private party and the guy who put it on was cool and understanding. I guess they just wanted it to be small so the guests would be comfortable. There were a number of local heads there. So count your blessings those that made it. For the rest of you, it was just a half hour jam you missed.
  6. Frick i couldn't believe it!! I work a the Century Room. I phoned in to tell them that i would like tomorrow off so i could go see "Phish" and they told me that they were there right now. I told them to stop fucking with me, and they said they weren't, that the two guys from Phish were there. I told them to STOP FUCKING WITH ME, and they TOLD ME THAT PHISH WAS THERE. I jumped in a cab immediately. God damn was it cool.
  7. From what i read, this place had a capacity of three hundred. Now that's the size of the Comfort Zone roughly, for you Toronto people. With a hundred confirmed dead more than fifty in serious and critical condition and with more debris to search...Even one of the band appears to be in the victims. That's more than 1 in 2 being killed or near killed. Can anyone imagine what this was fucking like! I get sick just thinking about it. What the fuck was going on?! The main killer in a fire is usually the smoke, but reports are that flame killed most of the victims. There is definately more here than meets the eye. What a terrible disgusting tragedy. So much suffering.
  8. They've always been "the band" to me.
  9. I 'm still officially at war with the Granola Funk kitchen. Stemming from the Montana National gathering when they wouldn't let members of Lovin Ovens use there fancy shower. O ho Ho , though, they sure didn't mind requesting some pizza's from our ovens... They do clean there site up well, I'll give em that. They throw a nice little party too. If anyone runs into them, please don't let them use your shower. Thanks, Hoka Hey
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