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  1. Sad news. Rest in peace Jerry. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/jerry-granelli-jazz-musician-dies-at-80-1.6110699
  2. Phil with members of Dawes!!! Streaming next weekend.
  3. This clash of genres looks interesting, Bahamas with Greensky Bluegrass. This Saturday, May 6th. And it's free! https://www.jambase.com/article/greensky-bluegrass-bahamas-live-to-tape-livestream-special
  4. Class action lawsuit!!! http://www.insideradio.com/free/nearly-1-million-people-will-get-lifetime-subscriptions-in-siriusxm-settlement/article_8535b348-6d0d-11eb-a831-430bacb6c9e6.html
  5. I feel like its resulted in less content and participation on the main page.
  6. Billy Strings' Capitol Theater run starts tomorrow night! https://relix.com/news/detail/billy-strings-announces-6-night-the-deja-vu-experiment-livestream-run-from-the-capitol-theatre/
  7. This guy is doing the lord's work on his youtube channel.
  8. An update on Wrapped Around Nashville . . . One of the members of the UM family has recently tested positive for COVID. Out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the health and safety of all involved, we are going to wait an additional week before getting the band back together. We look forward to seeing you for three nights of live streams, February 4th through the 6th. Set list voting will now remain open until 12:00 pm CT on February 3rd. Your ticket(s) will be valid for the new date(s), and no action is required on your end. If you have any questions, please contact help@mandolin.com.
  9. Umphrey’s McGee is Wrapped Around Nashville for three nights of live streams -- Thursday, January 28th, Friday January 29th, and Saturday, January 30th. As we continue to navigate the unknown together, we are hopeful of the light we see down the road. And while we wish we had a pile of tour dates for you, we will continue to make lemonade with three nights of live UM, piped into your living room. We are heading back in the round, making our debut at Kris Myer’s studio in Nashville (aka Rocktopus’s Garden). We will be upping the ante with two sets per night, with a fan driven component each evening. Advance ticket purchasers will receive a ballot to vote on UM originals you would most like to hear. And on both Thursday and Friday evenings, one set will consist of top vote getters while the other will be a band-written set. In addition, Friday’s fan-voted set will get the acoustic treatment. On Saturday, we’ll dust off our “Choose Your Own Adventure” concept and let fans direct a set in real time via online voting. https://boxoffice.mandolin.com/collections/umphreys-mcgee-wrapped-around-nashville
  10. Trampled by Turtles February 4th / February 11th / February 18th / February 25th 8 PM CT / 9 PM ET Since we can’t play in person shows, we went to our favorite Minneapolis venue, First Avenue, and filmed 4 unique sets. We dusted off material we haven’t played in years, including an “Old School” set from the days we sat across the stage on folding chairs. Each set has full production and behind the scenes footage reminiscing about the music. https://boxoffice.mandolin.com/pages/trampled-by-turtles?utm_source=trampled-by-turtles&utm_medium=artistsocials&utm_campaign=trampled-by-turtles
  11. FANS and The Relix Channel on Twitch have partnered with Billy Strings for ‘The Deja Vu Experiment,’ a six-night livestream event that will take place at Port Chester, N.Y.’s legendary Capitol Theatre. The streams will take place Feb. 18-21, 23 and 24. The dates were chosen to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s February 1971 performances at the venue, which took place on the same exact dates. https://relix.com/news/detail/billy-strings-announces-6-night-the-deja-vu-experiment-livestream-run-from-the-capitol-theatre/
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