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  1. c-towns

    CRB -Kitchener

    Suuuuper heady show, these guys know how to work a room, even with the majority of it being forced to sit. I didnt sit from when I hit the pre game shit until I got in the car for my sweet ride home. Stood 4 rows back, slightly bass side and rocked out all night. Great crew, great crowd, great pizza, meh beer. Also cant wait for fall tour.
  2. c-towns

    Borderland Music Festival - East Aurora NY

    Oteil and Friends added to this lineup, very very interesting... https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/borderland-oteil-friends/
  3. c-towns

    Happy birthday Bouche

    Happy belated bouche! You are the glue of this ragtag collective, thanks to you.
  4. c-towns

    Epic Covers

    We may as well just end the thread after this one...
  5. c-towns

    Makin' me proud, Chatham!

    Santa obviously tied one on. Can't blame him for spending time in Wallaceburg.
  6. c-towns

    Sloan in King's Town

    Where's my heady update?
  7. c-towns

    Epic Covers

  8. c-towns

    Holy F*ck!

  9. c-towns

    A three-day cover band festival is coming to Ottawa

    That was my favorite GD version of Hard to Handle
  10. c-towns

    Heady goes to Coventry

    I just read the best Coventry quote.
  11. c-towns

    What are you listening to right now?

    https://archive.org/details/1999-07-03.paf.sbd.mattman.18900.sbeok.flacf Phil Lesh and Friends 7/3/99 Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA Band: Phil Lesh - Bass Steve Kimock - Guitar Bill Kreutzmann - Drums David Nelson - Guitar and Vocals Barry Sless - Guitar Mookie Siegel - Keyboards Disc 1. (70:35) Set 1A 01. When Drums Stop (Poem by Phil backed only by Billy on drums) 02. Cold Rain and Snow 03. Sugaree 04. Uncle John's Band> 05. Edge of the Wire 06. Stella Blue Disc 2. (57:49) Set 1B 01. Wish You Were Here 02. Help on the Way> 03. Slipknot!> 04. Franklin's Tower Set 2A 05. Cosmic Charlie 06. Pride of Cucamonga> Disc 3. (77:58) Set 2B 01. Kick in the Head 02. Dark Star> 03. Mountains of the Moon> 04. Iko Iko> 05. Scarlet Begonias> 06. Fire on the Mountain 07. Donor Rap/Band Intro 08. e: Ripple
  12. c-towns

    Epic Covers