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  1. c-towns

    Epic Covers

  2. c-towns

    Outlaw Music Festival

  3. Good running into you at the ticats game a few weeks back 2ndtube! Hope to see you out again, maybe the fatties on Oct 27 if you still have 2 nights in a row in you.
  4. Ottawa tonight folks! Hamilton was great last night
  5. c-towns

    Circles Around the Sun (Neil Casal)

    Album of the year so far in these hippy ears...
  6. c-towns

    Epic Covers

    Robin Williams pet my dog once.
  7. c-towns

    Morrissey is a twit

    Who will save the balogna pogna!?!
  8. c-towns

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

  9. c-towns

    White Denim

    See you there!
  10. My understanding is that they are playing their album Furr front to back on this tour as it's the album's 10th anniversary. Great album by the way. Thurs Sept 20 at Echo Beach in Toronto opening for The Sheepdogs and Shovel and Rope Thurs Sept 27 at Mills Hardware in Hamilton Fri Sept 28 at The 27 Club in Ottawa Sat Sept 29 at Pop Montreal http://www.blitzentrapper.net
  11. c-towns

    Happy 50th bday to DB 2.0

  12. c-towns

    Circles Around the Sun (Neil Casal)

    The new album is very very good for anyone that hasn't checked it out yet.
  13. c-towns

    For serious washboard players only....

    Pfffttt, who even plays a washboard?
  14. c-towns

    Outlaw Music Festival

    Sturgill Simpson rips! I will not miss this band when they come near. TTB were solid as usual, Trucks is one of my favorite players these days. Willie is an icon, cant say much more than that. His band keeps the songs going no matter what tempo or tone Willie finds himself in but he can do whatever the hell he wants. Great crowd for the smallish size. We got free up grades walking in from lawn to dead center second row of the 400's That helped keep the kids warm and the elder comfortable.
  15. c-towns

    CityFolk 2018 rumours

    Awesome show by the Turtles last night at the Danforth, it had been way to long. Great three part harmonies and good gawd does the fiddle player shred that thing. An excellent evening all around. Hilarious tweet by the turtles today; Very excited to play @CityFolkFest in Ottawa today. Tainted slightly by the sadness of playing at the same time as David Byrne. Honestly, if any of you come to our show while that is taking place you should really take a long look at your life choices