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nero was so good last night.....


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I found all bodily functions decided to join themselves together and force their laws upon my drunken soul......and I liked it.

That was by far the best Nero I have seen...

All I have for a setlist is something like this:

Oh Canada

Hockey Night In Canada




Chocolate Monkey


Third Stone

First Tube

(I am fogetting alot in here)


(whoops, I should have waken up a bit before starting this.......any help?)



I love that the boys had a MASSIVE audience in front of them and they Babe Ruth'ed their way through the music......

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What an awesome night!!

I'm so happy the boys finally had a packed house to play for, gotta love the energy in the room that night.

You can add WataBug and Chameleon to that setlist.

Condor was amazing...... like I always thought it could be..... massive energy bomb!!

Is anyone ready for another show tonight already?.... I think I can handle it.

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Official Setlist from Jay

July 1-Babylon/

O Canada>jam>Hockey night in Canada,

401 theme>Chameleon>jam>Basheeba,

Chocolate monkey machine,

holetown charlie>jam>third stone,



first tube


E:Frankenstein>dR Who>Frankenstein

rolleyes.gif" border="0rolleyes.gif" border="0

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