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Phil-07-10-01----Setlist Coming----Tiny review


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What a great show. Ratdog was solid. Phil and Friends were monsters!

Ratdog notes: The set started at 4:30 on the button (second straight night of on-time starts). GET THERE ON TIME IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE SET. More than two hours without a break. Some stage hand (who kind of looks like Wonka's evil-looking assistant who lurks in the background in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)had to wave the band off the stage (got to keep to the designated schedule, you know!). Bobby brought Johnnie Johnson (St. Louis - based keyboardist who used to play/collaborate with Chuck Berry) for two numbers: Red Rooster and Johnson's own "Tanqueray." Very hot. Late in the set highlights: Bird Song, a very nice "Easy to Slip" and a killer "Franklin's" to close the set. No encore.

As he did in Oklahoma City, Bob joined Phil for the opening of the P+F show. Unlike the Dead, these guys throw it into full-throttle, jam-like-hell mode from the first note. With Bobby leading the way, they opened with Jam > Playin > She Belongs to Me > Truckin > Playin. For those who have heard the Jam > Truckin opener from 6-10-01 (Crusader Rabbit), you ain't heard nothin yet. The St. Louis version was tight, high-energy and simply awesome. It helped to have Warren along for the ride (he didn't play for most of the Crusader Rabbit show). This was Bobby's best performance of the night! Speaking of Warren...all of the lofty praise is well-deserved. First of all, he has a great voice. He adds a soulful, bluesy quality to tunes we all love. Sugaree was beautiful! And oh what a guitar player. Monster jams on Passenger, Sugaree and most tunes in the second set. The entire second set was a huge, beautiful, jam -- interspered with fine songs and tight vocals -- all built around The Eleven and Viola Lee (which popped in and out of the set three times). Strawberry Fields was peaceful. Even Tons of Steel worked. Every jam includes countless teases and references. A first-set jam hinted at up-tempo FOTD; there were constant references to I Know You Rider; Warren slipped some Eleanor Rigby into one of his solos; they teased the Other One from time to time and there must have been countless others that slipped our notice. Great show!

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