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King Cordova... amazing!!


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Hey, thanks to all the Sanctuarians who made it out to the mad funk fest inside the Mercury Lounge last night.

King Cordova is one of my new favourite bands.... watch for them to have a regular presence in Ottawa.

Although it wasn't the most people we have had to a show, it was certainly the most number of hot girls I have ever seen at one of our shows..... At one blissful point there were more ladies than guys in the bar, all of them gorgeous.... Me likes the Mercury! Without Rabid Monkey and Staples in the room there were lot's of ladies to go around.... you boys would have had too much fun last night!

As always, I taped the show right off the sound board.... I have the only copy in Ottawa. Anyone who made it out last night can request a copy... sorry audiophiles.... analog only

Big thanks to King Cordova for driving down from Peterborough, then back again. Thanks to the Mercury Lounge, this venue holds so much promise for our scene.

See you at the Dekcuf tonight

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Hell mufukin' YHA!!!! I will NEVER miss a King Cordova show when the opportunity arises. These guys were awesome. Kick ass funk ALL NIGHT LONG. KILLER bass..great keys..great, mellow guitar player that would sneek in ripingly smooth solo's here and there and a smooth drummer. I had a great time..I actually heard the words "Was that God like?!?!?" being said.

Thanks Brad and THANK-YOU King Cordova

Giggles grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0grin.gif" border="0

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Yeah thanx DoubleB and thanx Mercury Lounge,

Had a great time, band sounded awesome and the room was a perfect fit for the band. Its a bit of a shame the crowd really didnt get going until near end but at least that bodes well for the next time.

I thought they played better this time around than at Babylon (though I thought they played well at Babylon). They just seemed to be dishing out more grooves at the Mercury Lounge.

Anyway it was great having drinks with everyone that made it out and Ill see some of you guys friday (though I have no idea at what point we are getting to Kingston).

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