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whats up chatham!!


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hey man i'd love to hitch a ride to that show but i'm going to head down with k.c.. unless you have room for both of us??? we don';t want to drive...obviously!! wow heather is in for a shocker!! are the tix still freebies cause they are charging $33 thru ticketbastard plus service charges that would make them over $40 us and that scares me a bit. i've already spent a fortune on goodies for the show and that ticket price is outrageous. i would be very pissed if he only played one set too, as he has been playing 1 set and 2 set shows on this tour so far. getting together this week sounds cool. maybe the three chatham sanctuarians can all party one night this week. anyways we'll chat soon. south chatham owwwwwwt!

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