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my favorite nero


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OK... I knew when I was at the Cafe Dekcuf that nero played a real good show. The vast social nature of that show meant that I was not fully appreciating the music being presented, busy talking with friends, drinking, not smoking ... etc

Well, thanks to aberg and JP and the new canadian jam hub on Direct Connect. I have finally gotten my copy downloaded and burnt. The quality of the recording is almost soundboard good.

After having had a chance to listen to the show, I just want to say that this was the best nero show I have ever heard (only a handfull of people on the planet have heard more than I)... all 3 of the boys put on all-star performances... gonna miss you guys

It took Lauzon's ragin Chocolate Monkey Machine to finaly replace the King Cordova groove that had been stuck in my head so long..

Anyone who wants to trade should send me an email and bring their burns to the Cafe Dekcuf on Thursday night for Stairwell K

No nero in Ottawa for a while now... but whatch out... the next show will blow your mind!

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i really liked the music the kingston night (from what i can remember)...i thought the 1st set was smokin'! best first set i've ever heard from Nero...2nd set is a bit blurry, and after that who knows? didn't u guys come back to the hotel or something???

the next night was really cool too, and i liked the fact that booche got on the lights for a minute or 2 (wish it was longer) he just sat in and kicked some serious ass for a bit....good to have someone with an ear, who knows the music well tinker with the lights IMO. when is booche gonna be signed up as member #4??

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