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how perfectly fitting


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so i was at canoe.ca and i answered a drug survey...here are the outcomes...check out the total votes...i'm not joking

Do you consider ecstasy as dangerous as other hard drugs (ex. heroin)?

Total Votes for this Question: 420

So far, 66%  have voted for Yes

So far, 18%  have voted for No

So far, 14%  have voted for Need To Know More

So far, 2%  have voted for Don't Care

that's whakt...does anyone remember the movie detroit rock city?? well, going home on the train, i met the actor that played sir loin...the guy that won the stripping competition. cool guy, great conversations and i think he appreciated it. We were the only ones i could see that were actually enjoying other peoples' company...he was telling me about guys trying to follow him home from the gym...the dangers of being beautiful huh...

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