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Montreal shows, tix, etc. etc.


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Hey folks.

Just got back from the Spectrum where I did a little ticket run, and I thought I'd let you know, Herbie tix are still available. Also, if you've heard of the Erik Truffaz Ladyland Quartet, you know they sound as good as their name. Awesome heavy jazz with Miles-esque horn. They'll be here April 30th.

But here's the deal, if you think you want to make both shows, there's a ticket package available which gets you a ticket for Herbie, Erik Truffaz and also Yannick Rieu non-Acoustic project (April 2nd), adn you get 30% off each ticket. It works out to be a really good deal. You get Herbie for 29.00, Erik Truffaz for 19.00 and Yannick Rieu for 11.00. It basically works out that you get a free ticket to the Rieu show and save about 6 bucks off the other two shows.

Just thought I'd let you know about that.

Oh, one more thing. Marc Ribot will be playing here May 10th, backing Susana Baca, whom I know nothing about. But being the Ribot fanatic that I am, i'll probably go anyhow.

Hope to see y'all soon!

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truffaz rocks. live action d&b like y'all have never heard. i'll be there for sure.

btw, for anyone who likes heavy music in any way, System of a Down played 2 sold out nights here in mtl, and FUCK these guys know how to get into yer soul. check em out.

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