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  1. Caught Barr Bros opening for War on Drugs last week in Germany. Great show. Barr Bros were well received by a crowd that basically didn't know them. Northern Wish, I think you're referring to Queens of the Breakers (title track), right? Thought that the first time I heard it as well, which was right here:
  2. If you like the slip and other jazzy electronic this is for you
  3. Blane


    Saw them last night here in Brighton, and about 4 years ago at a festival. Definitely worth checking out live. Their new albums have really influenced their live set, and they jump a lot between their older more folk-driven stuff and the newer more electric psychedelic stuff. Creates a nice variety IMO. Remind me a bit of Megafaun in that way.
  4. Hope someone's going to be rolling tape (or bits) at this tonight! Brad M?
  5. Gov't Mule at Cabaret in Montreal. Level 6 loud.
  6. Only a handful of tracks in, and have listened to the early release tracks, and I have to say, by "tribute album" standards, this is really solid. Interesting reinterpretations, stellar set of artists, and only a few that really fall flat. Rubin & Cherise is just amazing.
  7. Easily a dozen acts I'd love to see in that lineup. Can't say the same for Bluesfest, that's for sure.
  8. just a heads up, the Gatineau show is almost sold out. Got a pair today and they were up in the nosebleeds
  9. Timber Timbre album is really good.
  10. Blane

    Bluesfest 2014

    I said the same thing to myself then checked it out. Sounds cool!
  11. Blane

    Bluesfest 2014

    Thinking this might be my festival this summer (again). Bluesfest lineup not doing much for me.
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