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nero @ the Waterfront, Saint John, New Brunswick

Arrived in Saint John to perfect port city weather...drizzling, windy, and lots of fog. A dark and stormy night, indeed. Hooked up with a couple of recent Ontario expat friends for drinks and accommodation requests before the show and headed to the bar (after a stop at Subway where we almost had to hold Shane back from justifiably beating the ultra-bubbly sandwich artist).

The Waterfront is one of those two-sided bars - band on one side, dance floor and recorded music on the other. I was working the door; guess which side I was stuck on. Luckily the pre-recorded music was good acid jazz, though the wash from the band side kinda killed it all.

Near the end of the first set the music was shut down on the dance side and the second set was soooo nice, with special mention going to Condor for being extra strong. Condor is a song that has really grown on me as it's developed over the last couple of years to being the showcase tune it is now.

I'm told that the foghorn was invented a few miles from the bar. It was also pointed out that the back wall of the stage (which used to be the outer wall of a building and is over 200 years old) had seven bullet holes from minute-man .48 muskets. Firing squad. I suspect these two legends are related.

Quote of the day: "If I was blind, it would be a five piece!"


Whispy Mountain Wonder

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Miko Mard

401 Theme

Oregano Mice>



Holetown Charlie

Peaches en Regalia

Chocolate Monkey Machine

Tonto's Underwater Paradise




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