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nerolog, Stardate 030602


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nero @ Baba's, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Islet

Two day layovers are boring. Everyone was excited to get back on the road and get our asses to Charlottetown. Upon arriving we checked out a very cool music store (need an oud or sitar strings in PEI?) and found our way to the bar. Great little place,. Baba's is. We're all fans of the sun smoking the hookah above the ‘stage'. As we were setting up the gear the beautiful waitress came over and told us not to expect too much of a crowd; March break, snowstorm outside, Wednesday night. I politely warned her to prepare for an onslaught.

Pretty good night; great crowd...my prophecy was realised. Met some old friends from last time here and even had some folks from Saint John and St. Andrews.

We decided to pack up and get on the road back to Moncton. Plan was to get to my folks' place by four or five and sleep large and long. Ahh,...the best laid plans of mice and men...Mercifully, about 200 metres from the last telephone leaving Charlottetown, our (formerly) trusty bus died on the road. In good spirits we got towed to a big tractor trailer repair spot and bunked down for a few hours sleep in the bus. -15 C. What should have been 2 ½ hours sleep turned into an hour and a half gigglefest and an hour of shivering slumber. Got the bus running (blown fuse and two shiny new relay switches later) around 11:30am and headed back to Moncton, ironically arriving two hours late for our appointment to get the transmission looked at.

The Buddha said all is sorrow and he seemed fit to laugh about it. A fine example to follow.

Quote of the Day: "It'd be a lot warmer if we all just spooned."


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