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Herbie........ WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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How fucking amazing was that?

I couldn't have asked for a better concert experience than last night in Montreal!

What a great road crew!! You guys are the best, thanks to Jaybone for the round trip, thanks to Jill for keeping er tidy so that everyone else could get messy (very messy!). Thanks to Dr. Hendrick...(you know why) thanks to Davey boy for packing the snoots, and kudos to Stapes and Pablo for keeping Saturday's party going strong and into Sunday. I'm real glad you boys jumped on the train, and you have both been awarded toasters. Ottawa was well represented in Metropolis last night, from the above mentioned crew, plus Velvet, Howler, Low Roller, Whackamole.... our new friends Sabrina and Michelle, and it was sure nice to see Adam and Heather in full on party mode.

Notable quotes from Adam

"it is nice to smell marijuana in someone else's bar for a change"


"all the drunkest, hardest partying people here are from Ottawa"

What a crew!

I was a little disappointed to arrive at 8:15 to see the New Deal already playing, they put on a tight 45 minute set. I wish they would have played longer.

I had never seen Herbie before, I had no real expectations, and as the set began, I was starting to get a little worried. The sounds were very ambient and trippy, I was dying for a groove, buy Herbie wouldn't give it up right away. I thought his visual effects were a little cheesy, it was like this 65 year old dude just discovered screen savers and wanted to share it with the world. A little below you Herbie. The players in this band were all amazing! The trumpet player rocked my world especially hard and the Dj impressed me allot. Within a few songs, Herbie started to show his stuff, and all worries I might have had about the groove were gone. Some hard grooves and weird spoken word shit ensured I lost my shit over and over and over again..... more than once I had to look away from the stage and curse in disbelief... I was glad no one seemed to notice as my mind slowly slipped away... As I started to get the quezy "is this the last song" feeling in my gut, Herbie kicked it into another gear that most humans don't have. As he kicked out the opening bars to Rockit I was transported back to 1985... a simpler time.... but damm, I have never heard Rocket played with that kind of heavy funk.... again, my mind was blown, my shit was lost and I figured it was all just about over. The band left the stage to monstrous applause...... the encore was imminent...... I hoped and prayed..... and as the fist few notes of Chameleon came off the bass, my prayers were answered. Gone was any hope I had of keeping my shit together... As if I don't suffer enough from the Chameleon groove being stuck in my head!!!.... I can't even say for sure how long Chameleon lasted... I though it was over a few times only to have them jam it back up for another 10 minutes.... it had to be a half hour long!!! The perfect end to a perfect evening.

This was the best show I have seen since last summers Jazz fest in Montreal... I imagine it will remain the best show I have seen this year.

Wow Wow WOW

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Guest Low Roller

DB pretty much described the feeling of last night's show down to a tee: It was all about losing your shit.

The G Force viz was kinda cheezy. That's the same viz I got hooked up to my Winamp at home!

I took a bunch of pictures, and once I remember to get them developed rest assured they will pop up on this board.

I am one tired puppy after this week-end.

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What a great night! I have been looking forward to seeing this show for a while and it did not disapoint. I originally planned to drive a Honda Civic to the show but enough people hopped on the band wagon that I ended up filling my old man's mini-van!

Herbie is the shit and kept my groove on all night. Funky, interesting, amazing! Definately the best show i've seen in a damn long time! Thanks to all who helped make the party so damn good! Big thanks to Blane for the hospitality, Dave for the love, and big ups to Jyll for driving my dad's van and all of our sorry asses home safe and sound.

The New Deal was great as always and the drummer was kickin out some different beats this time around...very interesting. The crowd on the dance floor was loving it and I saw lots of the older jazzers boppin their heads and getting lost in the groove. Still the night belonged to Herbie. Wow. Loved the whole band. They just put on a monster show! Sweetness flowed from the stage all night long!! I wasn't sure what to expect with a dj and all but it was ill to say the least! Good times for this kid.

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