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St. Paddy's Day in Peterborough


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Tonight is gonna be insane!!! 7 bands playing tonight at The Trash - all of 'em downstairs. 2 stages (but one band at a time)

The Clifftones - local band, featuring members of Hot Piss.

The So So's - another local band, reggae funk fusion.

Lazy Horse - really good Neil Young tribute band, featuring members of The Getuplicans

Sandwich Phone - local band, these guys make fresh toast onstage and put the mic up to the toaster, oh how organic

The Silver Hearts - 14 piece cowboy orchestra featuring such instruments as the theremin, musical saw, banjo, horns, strings, etc etc. SUPER GOOD.

The Cheap Suits - ska band from TOronto

Tala - Montreal jam band who I've never seen but maybe you have.

Pretty sweet!! Doors at 7pm.

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okay so last nights show was not all ages but what bar in peterborough was last night anyway-none. the trash does probably does the most all ages shows in town except for maybe the gordon best which charges bands 400 bucks to play- nero all ages, dj vadim all ages, amon tobin all ages, new deal all ages, that seems like some support.

the secret really is getting someone elses i.d. then all shows are all ages really.

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