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camel log-day deux:


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Picnic Toe

Toe Factor: 9 (strong spread and framing)

Favorite Bands: Indigo Girls, 10,000 Chicks

Why do women love picnics so much? Donna decided that she and Randy should spend Saturday sitting on Mom's quilt near the Lincoln Memorial. Randy's friends are at Champions sportsbar watching the NBA playoffs. They have already left him 4 voicemails on his cell laughing at his picnic fate. Instead of wings and celery, he is eating Camembert and biscotti. Instead of talking about whether or not Mike Piazza is gay, he is talking about whether or not Donna's friend is afraid of commitment. Instead of looking at his friend's unkept nose hair, he is looking at Donna's over-plucked eyebrows. Instead of drinking Bass ale, he is drinking Chardonnay. But Randy will picnic. You know why? Because Donna has an ankle bracelet, which means that she is a tramp. All women that wear ankle bracelets are dirty in bed. And if a picnic is the price of admission to her theater of filth, it is a bargain. At least he doesn't have to go to a play. www.stormandbirdsey.com/.../Camel%20Toe/KournForStorm.jpg

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