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I'M melting!!Which way does fan go?...


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Think of it this way: if it's the same temperature inside as out, it doesn't matter; just get the fan to move the air around inside and cool you down by having your sweat evaporate.

If it's cooler inside than out, don't open the windows; the hot air will just come in until the inside & outside temps match.

If it's cooler outside than in, have the fan blow the inside air out; this will cause cool air to be sucked in. If you can get cross-ventilation (e.g., in an apt., open the balcony door and the front door), it helps a lot.

What I do here in my townhouse is keep the place completely closed until it's warmer inside than out, then open the upstairs windows (where it's hotter) at the front and back of the house, so the cooler outside air blows across the top floor, taking the hot inside air outside. If it's really hot, I sleep in the basement (where I've had to use a sleeping bag, it's so cool, even though it's 35+ C w/ humidex outside).



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