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TOO setlist Madison Square Garden


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Holy Shit! Look at that second set!

Sorry if this was posted already...

11/26/02 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY


Viola Lee Blues*,

Aiko Aiko*,

The Music Never Stopped*,

Alligator >

Baba Jingo,

Shakedown Street,

Good Lovin


Tomorrow Never Knows* >

Dark Star* >

All Along the Watchtower >

Dark Star*,

Cryptical Envelopment >

The Other One >

Drums >

Space >

The Other One >

The Wheel* >

Turn On Your Lovelight*+

E: Sugar Magnolia*

*-with Susan Tedeschi;

+-w/ Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks

Review pulled from section 7 list...

thanks to dave Bonan

Robert Hunter played between setsalright, time for my review.

look at the fucking setlist, it was amazing.

met jim and his friend near msg and it turns out we

were both regulars on the max creek forum! then jim

ditched us, the ass but then we found him.

got inside surprisingly a whole lot quicker than

hartford, took under 5 minutes! i was in at 7:15 and

saw the big cloud of smoke, some 6 sections long and

made my way to smell it. i didn't sit in my section of

319, but was visiting a friend 4 rows behind the stage

and stayed the whole time at an emtpy seat,


all the band members were doing their traditional

huddle and having a blast. i saw derek trucks hanging

out behind stage so i knew there would be a treat

later on.

before they started, they talked to the crowd and just

plain smiled like they were about to open a bag of

goodies. then the explosive downbeat chord of viola

and voila, we were under way to a great nite. they did

the whole viola lee and they got into that raucous jam

and unlike stranger in hartford, they got lost in the

jam and loved it and came back to the head and nailed

it. aiko was great and mickey sang it and it was

energizing and he wouldn't stop the chorus. smiles all

around from band members. The Music Never Stopped was

a real treat and then i knew it would be a great show

and then alligator, give me a break, but they spaced

out the lyrics like they now do with the other one.

then baba jingo's intro was enticing. i hate the song,

believe me, but i must recant after last nite. don't

get me wrong i still have contempt, but it was on the

ball musically. then a pause and a stare at the crowd

and BAM! downbeat of shakedown. i was ready to go home

now and the setlist is wrong, it segues into good

lovin, but it wasn't the '78 version, rather the old

'70 intro. and bobby and susan were awesome. a couple

of Hahhhhhs from sideshow did it and instead of ending

it, went back into the '70 outro.

the 1st set had a lot of surprises, great

musicianship, no one person ruled the stage, it was


hunter came out within 5 minutes, a change from

harshford. the setlist from memory (still intact) was

Box of Rain, Candyman, Easy Wind->Mr. Charlie->Easy

Wind, Wharf Rat, ?, Ripple, ?*

*this probably was either written by hunter or an

original irish jig because it sounded like a

celebration announcment from an oldtime pub from years

past with a tinge of irish.

second set started 5 minutes after hunter left.

tomorrow never knows was soulful thanx to susan. i

heard in boston, she was 9th fiddle and they had to

move the stacks for her to squeeze in. she's now a


dark star was a great surprise and i heard tinges of

the other one at the very end but it went into THE


so raw, so powerful, jimmy ripped me a new asshole. it

was better than any dead version i've heard and almost

rivaled a creek version. but i was watching derek tune

up his guitar and i thought he would have ripped

watchtower but he didn't. oh well. then it dipped back

into dark star and stopped briefly. the cryptical.

wow. the a phil bomb and an extended into and then

finally the other one with phil hitting hard chords at

the end of each bar. with bobby looking at phil and

then at the drummers and the solo was actually mellow

with everyone playing softly above it. drums was

really strong and better than hartford, not textured.

mickey played the beast a lot and billy played the

talking drum. yay! space wasn't great but it was okay

and a great phil intro in the other one sent it on its

way, bound to cover just a little more ground. and i

was thinking earlier in the set if they wanted to

flashback to the 60's, lovelight was it and it was.

then derek and warren came by to play, making it 10

people on stage. bobby then passed a solo to derek,

but his guitar i think wasn't fully in tune (he had

enough time but i think he knew something was wrong)

so warren took a verse and his voice was awesome. then

derek took a mini solo and it was nothing to write

home about and i wish it was going to be more.

lovelight was short and only about 7 or 8 minutes.

then the donor rap and phil talking about how nyc was

the city of compassion. and something or other.

then sugar mag. yummy. then an end and then sunshine

daydream. with bobby hitting big chords and swinging

his arm with an around the world.

show was done at 11:30pm.

i left and was about to go to my hostel for the nite a

few blocks away and get much needed sleep before

catching a train back today but being shoe means you

are the last one to leave. i met this cool girl, who

flew in from chicago earlier in the day to meet with

her client, also going to the show and her clients

gave her some fungi. she said there was a show at

tobacco road after and if i would be her guide. free

cab ride, thanx to her company. colonel bruce was

playing and they aren't worth going back again. the

doorman said "very special" guests. bullshit. left at

3am to no avail. the girl was short $10 bucks, i

loaned it to her and she said she our bar tab would be

handled by her company! what a lass!

this show would probably be hailed as the best of the

whole run.


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