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Spearhead coming to BC


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Just announced:

Upstream Entertainment presents:

Michael Franti and Spearhead

Feb. 7th @ The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver $28

Feb. 8th and 9th @ The GLC in Whistler. $35

so that means She Stole My Beer Jan 25th, Robert Walters 20th Congress Feb 1 and 2 and Spearhead Feb 7, 8 and 9th

not too shabby...

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Just joined this discussion group and had a long look around. Is it that T.O and surrounding area ie Montreal/Ottawa don't get many national touring Jam Bands or is it that you don't talk about them much. Shit, Whistler seems to get more or dare I say, higher quality bands than most east coast cities ??? What is up with that ? UB

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I think it's because bands like STS9, Garaj Mahal, RW 20 Congress, etc... never make it to Eastern Canada. They stick to the West - lucky us. However, them easterners are in close proximity to all the bomb shizzy that lingers around the eastern states - TOO, moe., hookah, etc... (Phish... [Frown] ) Not to mention the bitchen domestic jamahol, like GTB and nero. It seems to be a regional thing.

I'm always amazed when I read the 'what's in your CD player' threads and NOBODY lists STS9 or Garaj.... (although I think someone finally mentioned sts9 recently) That's crazy. STS9 is more addictive than crack.

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Hey Weezy, I wasn't saying east coast...I was saying Toronto, Montreal ,Ottawa, Hamilton etc.

Garaj Mahal has played The Higher Ground (Burlington VT) twice they play Chicago, NEW YORK, JERSEY,DC,VIRGINIA, all at least twice a year. I guess what I'm asking is why doesn't anyone bring Garaj, KARL D and other national touring acts and the likes to TO/O-town, Hamilton, Mtl......????

I think New Rider answered my question :


We had 20th Congress out at the Comfort Zone 2 years ago with Vinyl but there was only 11 people in the club and 4 of us worked there!!!

STS9 play WAY more shows on the east coast than west coast. Don't forget they are originally from Atlanta. They've played countless shows back east including many North East dates and still nobody (or next to nobody) seems to know much about them on this board ?

New Rider kinda summed up what I was getting at : Nobody seems to know? Or Care?

It's a shame, there is sooooooo much insanely great music out there , east and west, that no one seems to talk about. Now I love Phish and TOO and a few Canadian Jammers (saw TheMasses last Saturday at a little venue in Van last Friday, pretty slick, at least on the right track and influenced by the right bands - Have also seen Tala (sitar akshion was wicked!), Blue Quarter, and every other "CanJam" act... but man there is a HUGE void in what's discussed here IMO. I think people out west should start sending people out east lots of shows (Garaj Mahal, 20th Congress, Karl D, Animal Liberation Orchestra, Bela, Yonder Mountain, Galactic, Mofro, Particle, Kimock, Schleigho, Michael Ray and The Cosmic Crew, MMW, Papa Grows Funk, Global Funk Council, Keller Williams, Umphrey's McGee, Widespread Panic, Ulu, Topaz, Netwerk Electric, Leftover Salmon, Jazz Mandolin Project, Modereko, Living Daylights, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Tony Furtado, and on and on.....) and get all us music lovers chatting about music....GREAT MUSIC.... or is this just a CANJAM message board???


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That's true about sts9 - however, like you said, why isn't anyone bringing them to TDot or Ottawa etc... They've been here (Vancouver) a number of times, but I've never heard of them playing in Toronto or surrounding area.

Here's what I think about certain bands' regional popularity: Easterners are more "old skool" - ie: they like their music to sound more like their Dead/Phish origins - like ekoostic hookah for instance. I couldn't see them doing as well in the west... (too cheesy - sorry e.h. fans...) Bands like The New Deal are very popular in Vancouver - tND is possibly bigger here than in their hometown of TDot... It might be because we aren't as resistant to evolution in jam oriented music - I often hear easterners (meaning anyone east of Winnipeg...) complain about bands like tND, sts9, Particle etc... because they include electronica among their influences. Live in the 'now', I say... I personally get sick of every band trying to sound like Phish/Dead/Allmans - it's been done to death - time to move on...

I dunno - this is a half-baked opinion from a fully baked guy... feel free to discuss..

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robert walther's 20th congress is awesome.

ub- i think if you look back though this board to when the New Deal was here last (october -sold out barrymores show), or when the Slip was in montreal last month, or MMW last fall or the june jazzfest shows, antibalas, nmallstars, moe., GTBs breakout tour of ontario, spearhead at babylon was hailed by lots of folks as best show of the year, bela fleck opening 4dave matthews in april, sci in montreal last year, KDTU when they come to rochester (as colse as they get), DBB at the cozo, whatever.. you'll find a massive thread. seems to me, people talk about whatever is going on live, in a realistic geographical area. and go to the show as well in most cases..

I am pretty sure I have heard, or heard of every band you mentioned there, but I don't tend to think of something and start writing about it, unless there is a trigger. I bet most people are like that. (ie-a show, new record, news item, great recording.. whatever..) and i don't think sts9, robert walther, garaj mahal have ever played in Ontario, or Quebec at all.. if they were in a town I lived in, or reasonably nearby, I can tell you, I'd go see them, and if I liked it- I'd write about it.

It'd be great to hear more about whats up in Van.. and whistler. I don't think this chat is limited to anything. (as you may notice if you peruse the topics)...

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