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Gruvasylum March 31 at the eBar in Guelph


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Just a reminder. Check out GRUVASYLUM featuring the award winning trumpet player, Nick "The Brownman" Ali, and MC Enlight.


Spontaneous creation.

The essence of the jazz solo is not so

different from the essence of freestyle.

GRUVASYLUM is hip-hop with a jazz ideology.

100% improvised urban grooves, yet rooted in jazz lineage.

Place these tenements in the hands of award-winning

musicians and a berserker freestyle rapper...

. . . and watch the walls b u r n d o w n . . .

Opening band is Midnite Mission, an up and coming ska band.

Show starts at 10:00. Gruvasylum on at 11:00. $7 and well worth every penny.


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Definitely checking this out as well. That's my last day of work at my current job and I start a new one on Monday. What I've heard of these guys is really solid, still not quite sure about the MC but I bet he's better live (not that he sounds that bad on the recording).

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