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Swan you were right!!! Actual Ticket Stub Counts..

Northern Wish

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Well Sean, you were right all along. I guessed I had 1000-1500 ticket stubs (of which I was including hockey, football etc.)

I counted on the weekend, and I have only 766 from concerts. I figure there are probably another 100 or so which I don't have stubs for but in no way would I be able to reach 1000.

That being said, if I had continued with my show going frequency of 96-99 I would probably be over that mark.

Oh well, 766 ain't bad. In amongst those were 14 New Deal, 46 Phish, 8 Allman Bros, 64 Tragically Hip, 6 U2, 4 Neil young, 8 Blues Traveler, 8 Black Crowes, 14 moe., 6 MMW and about 18 Rheostatics. I also came across a couple of really cool ones like Our Lady Peace from The Hideaway in St Cath, and The Volcano in Kitch both of which were $4. I know they suck, but they didn't always. Also found some signed stubs I had forgotten about Mike Myers on Hip stub, Mike Watt, Gord Downie on REM stub, Sarah Harmer on Weeping Tile, Dave Grohl on Foo Fighters from Opera House, Page and Kyle Gass on Vida Blue, Black Crowes from Odeon, and the best one Max Weinberg on BS+EStBand.


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