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Reminder: Tabla Lessons have started up in Ottawa


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I've posted this a few times but I believe there may be a few people interested. The Toronto Tabla Ensemble, led by Ritesh Das, is running 8-session Tabla Classes here in Ottawa. The dates are on their website: www.tablaensemble.com

I've been in the inaugural class since February and I have to say I absolutely love it. You needn't believe people who say the Tabla is impossible to learn, Ritesh makes it pretty easy and as long as you practice your ass off you can pick it up...slowly. It's so unlike any other instrument I've tried in that you have to work hard to get a tone, any tone for that matter. But then once you come to know and recognize what said tone is you can move onto other patterns and themes. It's also fun trying to keep two different rhythmic cycles going with two limbs :)

Anyway, there is a new session gearing up now. The first class is a freebie so why not check it out? Next one is Saturday April 8th at 12pm. Classes are $20 each, or $160 for the whole session.

Let them know you if you will be coming: info@tablaensemble.com

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