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Kyle Riabko!!!!!


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I'd have to dig through the archives but I saw this uberphenom guitarist/vocalist a few years bag. Part of a power trio Bluesway Express that became Motep's Groove and likely broke up. He was thirteen at the time and just fucking nailed a Down With Disease (I am talking NAILED- straight up with the Treyesque head bobs) and he also did a Punch In The Eye> Blue Bossa (in place of Landlady)> Punch!!! Which is just to make note of the covers which were obviously pretty classy for a kid from the Prairies who's fucking 13. Well he's 16 now and he's out on the road opening for Edie Brickell. I did a bit of research and found this mention:

Ann Arbour, Kyle mesmerizes audience with emotional performance. Once again he is invited to jam with headliner Robert Randolf. He gets to let loose on electric guitar during a cover of Al Green's Love and Happiness. Needless to say all cd's snapped up in minutes of his performance.

Are you kidding me. God knows how many other big names hearts he's won over. He just has that effect on people, partly cause he's cuddly like a Hanson brother (not those hansons- the cute blonde ones) and partly because his voice, songwriting and guitar tone and dexterity are so far beyond his years it's not even funny. Seriously everyone should look out for this kid because he's going to smack you between the eyes soon enough one way or another.

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Just found out he's also opened for Keb Mo, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, David Wilcox, Zappacosta, the Northern Pikes, the Carson Downey Band and Wide Mouth Mason. On top of that he was just signed to Columbia! Big shoes little feet.

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