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Just a laugh...hope you ain't seen it before


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> You know that you are a jam band fan when...




> When someone is in your car and asks..."is this the

> same song?"


> You purposefully take the long route home so you can

> listen to the rest of the show.


> You go to a 'regular' concert and mistake the ending

> for the set break.


> your friends ask you why you have 200 Phish shows


> you say, "Man, they've played over 1,200, I don't

> even have 20% of 'em yet!!"


> when your non-jamfan friends all groan anytime you

> put on a cd.


> when the people at the post office all scramble to

> go on their break when they see you coming in.


> You consider a concert that's two and a half hours

> away to be a "local" show.


> when going to two concerts in one month is

> withdrawal.


> when you own 600 cds of one band but none of them

> are official releases.


> you've ever flown to see your favorite band.


> you have a pet named after a song by your favorite

> band.


> you have a vanity license plate with a reference

> that only another fan of your favorite band would

> understand.


> You'll let someone you met on the internet crash at

> your house after a show and don't think anything

> of it.


> When you tell your friends to name a date, and from

> that date you can name 2 or more setlists in their

> entirety of your favorite band.


> If you know what a ganja-gooball is.


> You don't think '69 is a sexual postion but rather a

> good year for Dead bootlegs.


> when your kids get soap in their mouths when they

> say mp3.


> When you are more excited by the 35 minute YEM

> you just listened to than your own birthday


> When someone says anything, you can reference it to

> a Phish song


> when you know to look out for the middle aged white

> guys with clean hair


> When you have 1200+ hours of music


> when you won't listen to any band that doesn't allow

> taping.


> you do your back-to-school clothes shopping on

> Shakedown Street.

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