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  1. Hey all you London skanks. If you're looking for something to do tonight, my band, Shoot the Cameraman, is playing the Black Shire Pub. We'll be on at 9:30. Just doing a short 45 minute set with a few local bands following us. $3 cover. www.myspace.com/shootthecameraman Facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=106086579413570&ref=ts TonyRage
  2. I agree. No caption needed. It's just nice to look at it and not have to read stuff, ya know.
  3. Argh. I got the invite from TST and it said Days of You in the event title, but I read thr info and there was nothing about the band playing so I thought it was a weird coincidence. That shit take me back some years to when I was very much a younger Rage. Hopefully they will play again soon.
  4. http://newsroom.mtv.com/2010/03/29/march-madness-phish-coheed-and-cambria-adam-lambert-alice-in-chains/#pd_a_2976625 I have never heard of this Coheed and Cambria band, which may make me ignorant but i listened to one track and it was pretty hard to take. So vote Phish.
  5. Dieu du Ciel in Mile End is a microbrewery and bar. Great atmosphere and fantastic beers and ales. If they have the Porter Fumee, that is a must try.
  6. That is a nasty way to go. I had a buddy who got it on his hand but it started in the morning and when the wound was the size of a dime by 3pm (started as a dot) he went to the ER and they got it out. If it had started when he went to bed, he would have woken with no hand they said. My ex was in Journalism at Ryerson, so she hung out there a lot a few years back and I would pop in from time to time, but business seems good there. Not going anywhere so I think you have time.
  7. Upstairs had some work but is still a library. Did you go to Ryerson? And you should come see it Saturday! I am assuming Dublin is somewhere in Ontario. lol.
  8. A lot actually (according to Ricky) but it's hard to tell. It still has the same vibe - a mix of Ryerson and gangsta and real scary old white dudes. I love it.
  9. That is correct buddy. It is actually in the back part of the first floor, where there are normally pool tables. Much appreciated.
  10. First off, apologies for posting this twice (once in the listings forum and once here), but I don't know if people check the listings. So if this is poor form, feel free to lambast me and add lots of really nasty smileys. To the meat... I know I have not been posting here for some time, and I am sorry to have denied all of you my witty retorts and oft aggressive posts, but I have a new band and we are playing a show this coming Saturday, April 12th at the Imperial Pub at 54 Dundas St East (at Victoria). Our band is called Shoot The Cameraman, and we combine some country, some rock with some serious twang. Check us out at www.myspace.com/shootthecameraman We will be joined by Must Stash Hat who are three great musicians who can really play, and vary in style from 70's Southern Rock, to funk to country. They also have more h's, s's and t's in their band name than any band since Hashithashta from the 1950's. They are here: www.myspace.com/muststashhat The cover is $3. MSH will be on around 9:30 with an hour long set. STC will follow them with two shorter sets. If you have never been to the Imperial, it has been around for over 60 years, and the current owner Ricky (third generation owner) has set up a really great stage in the back room. It is small, warm and the beer is cheap. I would love to see some skanks representing (other than the traditional ones who hang out in that hood). So drag yourselves out, if you have the urge to dance or just binge drink. When: Saturday, April 12th, 2008, 9pm-2am Where: The Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas Street East Who: Must Stash Hat and Shoot The Cameraman Why: Why not
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    Good luck Dave! I heard you left for Ottawa. Poor Tonin.
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