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nero montreal 5/1?


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was wondering. if zedonk is out tomorrow, does that mean that they'll have copies at the small montreal show tomorrow evening? also, whats the deal with that montreal show. it starts at 9 but the main stuff isnt til midnight. does that mean nero will play 3 hours starting at 9? inside or outside? basically, ive been in montreal 4 years and never heard of this garden of ease place. so im trying to figure out if this is a legit gig gig where i can also buy zedonk.

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Yes, the cd will be available at the show, and yes, nero is playing from 9pm until midnight. It makes sense that you haven't heard of the place, as The Garden Of Ease is not a venue per se, it's the name of a party/event. Just get yourself to 353 Richmond at William by 9pm and have a good time.

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