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Cheese goes Baseline


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I guess they were thinking of Basehead ticketing and another option was Mainline ticketing so they settled on Baseline:

Independent ticketing company SCI Ticketing announced that it has changed its name to Baseline Ticketing. Ironically, the company has adopted the new moniker in an effort to remain largely anonymous as it forges ahead. Using new state of the art software technology, Baseline Ticketing will provide innovative private label ticketing solutions to their current and future clients.

SCI Ticketing has long been recognized for their forward thinking business approach and their fan-directed service. The reasoning behind the name change is an extension of the very philosophy that the company was founded on. Founding partner Mike Luba explains, "SCI Ticketing began as an artist-to-fan direct ticketing service to help The String Cheese Incident better support their community's needs." Since it started in 1996, SCI Ticketing, which is owned in part by the band, has expanded to offer ticketing services to additional clients, including Keller Williams, Michael Franti & Spearhead and promoters End It Presents.

Today, with a new name, updated ticketing software, and operating "behind" its clients, Baseline Ticketing positions itself as a leader in artist-to-fan direct ticketing services: a service that more and more artists are looking to utilize. "In order to survive in the music industry in today's difficult climate, old models are shifting," says Baseline Ticketing Manager Neil Glazer. "More and more emphasis is being placed on nurturing the artist-to-fan relationship, because the fans are what keeps musicians in business. Baseline Ticketing will enable artists and other clients to sell tickets to their shows directly to their fans via their own website, and to reap the benefits of directing traffic to their site, such as opportunities to better build a fan community, to collect and use ticket buyer data, and more."

Baseline Ticketing launched its new ticketing software, featuring limitless capacity, high functionality and sophistication, on Wednesday, August 25 with the on-sale of The String Cheese Incident's 2004 Fall Tour. Instead of logging on to www.sciticketing.com, as SCI fans have done for over eight years, this time they purchased tickets by visiting the band's website, www.stringcheeseincident.com. When the consumer clicks in to buy tickets, they don't even notice they've been shifted to Baseline's ticket system. Fans enjoy high quality service "from the band," at a relatively low cost.

Sister company, SCI Gear, is also operating under a new name. Much like the ticketing arm, Baseline Gear now offers private label merchandising solutions to their clients.

I'm loving the Phishhead remarks about Cheese and the new ticketing company on Phantasy Tour:

SCI is insidious. They're the worst sort of corrupt. They're a business making money selling you back to yourself. You, of course, being the honest music fan.

Anyone who claims to go to SCI shows for the music is fu©king kidding themselves. If you're that hard up for a place to get high, you have a drug problem. And SCI will gladly take your cash.

and SCI will gladly take your cash.

and SCI will gladly take your cash.

I wish I could tell you some of the stories I've heard about Phish/SCI conflicts...but they're not mine to tell.

upon further prompting:

no details:

sci brought all of their gear to a phish show and waited in the clinic as if they expected to be invited to play. on stage. with PHISH. i dont think any of the band even went back there that night.

then there's every time Kang was on the wings itching to get on stage with Trey at all the various TAB shows, completely oblivious to the fact that nobody in the phish org respects him or his ilk in the least.

it's like a big joke. except some of the kids don't get it. In my heart, tho, i think most of them really know they're face-to-face with sh!t and they just don't care. they have other reasons.

My hatred for SCI isn't any more so as a result of this information. It is as it has been for some time now: maximum.

they are really horrible. sci=air supply of jam scene

And on and on and on....

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