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an absolute MUST HAVE!!


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Garcia & Saunders

Rheem Theater

Moraga, CA


Master soundboard reels (7" 1/4 track @ 7.5ips recorded with Sony

TC-377) > Teac X-300R playback > HHB Burn-It master CD-RW > Easy CD-DA

Extractor > Dell Inspiron 4100 laptop > possible volume adjustment

(Cool Edit 2000) > tracking (CD Wave) > CDR using EZ-CD Creator >

Plexwriter PX-W4824A extraction (EAC v0.9 beta 4) > editing (SF Studio

6.0) > sector boundary verification (shntool v1.01) > .shn encoding

(mkwACT v0.97 beta 1). Taped and transferred by Ed Perlstein, EAC >

SHN by Joe Jupille (jjoops AT attbi DOT com).

Disc One (6) 65:11

--Set I--

01. Think [7:50] [0:54]

02. Finders Keepers [8:19] [1:08]

03. Are You Lonely For Me Baby? [15:45] [1:00]

04. Second That Emotion [9:35] [0:37]

05. Wondering Why [11:23] [1:33]

06. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [5:56] [0:18]

Disc Two (5) 44:22

--Set II--

01. Crowd & Tuning [0:50]

02. Harder They Come [14:33] [1:39]

03. La-La [14:15] [0:01]

04. //Roadrunner [#10:03] [0:01]

05. Mystery Train// [3:39#]


- I consider this to be an essential part of any music collection.

There is a long-circulating .shn set which has the advantage of

having been .shn'd without any DAE. This set has the (to me, more

important!) advantage of being more complete, including everything

up to the point that the plug was pulled on Ed Perlstein's deck. The

other set also has the emcee announcing "Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders"

just as they launch into Think, but I could not get it patched in very

cleanly, and so I left the CDs as they were mastered. The two sources

sound equally excellent to my ears.

- d2t04 Roadrunner cuts in, unknown missing

- The plug was pulled on the board patch during Mystery Train. For the

whole of the song, the R channel was considerably weaker than the left,

and from 3:05.357 until the end it was basically missing. Until that

point I applied a 3.0db volume gain, and after that point I patched the

L channel over the R. Mystery Train then cuts out @ 3:39. I faded down

the last 0.25 seconds to ease the pain of the cut.

Huge thanks to Ed Perlstein for the source CDs!

A MisSHN in the Rain Installment of the Music Never Stopped Project,

June 2003.

great jerry!

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