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  1. Hey Folks, im looking for s pair of tix to any of the Hey Rosetta shows at the Mod Club in December. If you can help please pm me:) Tis’ there last shows for some time!!!
  2. Tonight's the night! Come check it out!!
  3. Hey Folks, Electric Meat will be playing a show at The Cage 292 on Friday August 28th. 9pm Come on out to enjoy some tunes! Should be fun!
  4. Hey Rosetta! - Second Sight Phish - Fuego
  5. http://exclaim.ca/MusicVideo/ClickHear/hey_rosetta-second_sight_album_stream So good
  6. Wow!! So epic not for the faint of heart
  7. Well summer has come to an end. Enjoy some music:) http://goo.gl/0ldXC3 http://goo.gl/Fem9cj http://goo.gl/91omXo Dicks nights 1,2&3 Cheers!!
  8. nTelos 7.29.14 nTelos 7.30.14
  9. these begin to expire tomorrow
  10. MMP night two....great second set MMP night one PNC 7.25.14
  11. randal's 3 randal's 2 randal's 1
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