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Woo-hoo!!! GTB & JSB in Ottawa! Again!


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If you check the latest GTB tour dates, they've added some more shows in Ontario:

  • Wednesday October 6 - Ottawa - Barrymores w/ the Jimmy Swift Band
  • Thursday Oct 7 - Kingston Ont - The Elixer w/ the Jimmy Swift Band
  • Friday Oct 8 - Hamilton ont - Pepperjacks w/ the Jimmy Swift Band
  • Saturday Oct 9 - Toronto Ont - The Horeseshoe w/ the Jimmy Swift Band

Of those venues, I think Barrymore's is by far the largest. I hope this came out of what the two bands did last year during that East Coast festival.



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Guest Low Roller

Jimmy Swift dominated Barrymore's last time they played there and it was a pure rave set because the lead singer blew out his throat. I still want a copy of that show if it's floating around. Grand Theft Bus, on the other hand, fell rather flat. I hope their fortunes are reversed for this upcoming show.

I wonder if this will be my last show before I take off for Europe? Hmmm... Now it's a party.

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