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After the Goldrush movie? tour?


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Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 23:00:00 GMT Evening Coconut

Reporter: The Family Jules

Topic: After the Goldrush movie

There's an article/interview about the Greendale movie in the brand new issue of UK's Uncut magazine.

Usual stuff except for one interesting little item.....

For his next movie project, Neil is thinking of taking another album and having actors mime and act out the story as they did in Greendale. The album in question is After the Goldrush. Neil mentioned how the songs were written for Dean Stockwell's movie that never happened in the first place, and that he'd like to finally make a movie with those songs.

This tour would be absolutely amazing! I loved the Greendale tour, but I know a lot of people who didn't due to the overabundance of new material. This tour would alleviate that problem for all of those by Neil playing one of his classic albums front to back!

I wonder what the backing band would be if he actually went through with this tour? Danny Whitten and Jack Nitzsche have left this earth. But Neil Young could recruit Billy Talbot or Greg Reeves on bass, Nils Lofgren on piano (which would be amazing as I've only seen Nils with Bruce Springsteen), Ralf Molina on drums and he could even bring Stephen Stills along for the ride for vocals. If Stills and Lofgren were on board I would be in heaven if they both played guitar at points with Young! Though it would be easiest if Neil just brought along Crazy Horse again.

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