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Rough Week for Touring


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Hey Folks...

This has been a week of very strange happenings on the booking front for Mr. Something Something. The band had a bunch of GREAT shows last week... but some unfortunate situations in dealing with venues this week.

We already mentioned the Kingston reschedule on Thurs (changed from the Scherzo to the Elixir)- well now we have had L'Escogriffe in Montreal on Fri cancel on us due to a permit problem (so currently, there will be no Mr. Something Something show in Montreal on Fri)...

To all of you folks in Montreal or Ottawa: HAVE BAND, READY TO PLAY... maybe some of you other bands/musicians could use another band on your bill??

We are also available to do private parties in the Ottawa-Montreal region. Basically we have the middle night of a 3 night road trip vacant... any takers??


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