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Mr. Musicface

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Hey folks! For those that are interested, I was at C'est What last night for the re-opening of music at the bar. They've moved the stage from the old "Nia" room (which appears to be completely unused now) to the main bar room. The stage is essentially immediately east of where it had been before. Ladybird Sideshow put on a great set, and Crispin Giles did his usual stellar job on sound. Not much on details for future acts etc. but there should be stuff posted at www.cestwhat.com soon.

As an aside, at once exciting and somewhat sad news - Ladybird member the wonderful Erin Smith is moving to Maui in a few months! I talked to her for a bit after the set, she said it's a trial thing for her and her husband Ross to see how they like it. Anyway, I know a lot of folks here have dug Erin in Erin Smith Band and Mr. Something Something over the years, and would join me in wishing her and Ross all the best!


Mr. M.

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Well, yes and no. The main seating area directly in front of the stage is wider, and there's no pillar in the middle of the space, and there's no split level type stairs. On the other hand, the distance from the stage to the bar is fairly short (maybe 30 feet... I'm bad at estimating distance so don't take my word for it) and it's a bigger bar than the other side. So if you're not in the front space you're kinda disconnected from the music completely, at least the way it was last night. My wife and I were at the bar, and except for a couple of seats it was hard to hear or see the band, where in the old room you could chill at the back and chat with friends, and still see and hear the band fairly well.

I'm probably not describing it very well, I'd suggest go by and check out a show. If nothing else, the beer is always great!

- M.

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