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JOB POSTING: Hamilton Media Arts Centre

Large Marge

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FYI Hammer-Heads...

JOB POSTING: The Factory: Hamilton Media Arts Centre


Job Posting

Position: Arts Administrator

The Factory; Hamilton Media Arts Centre is an artist-driven resource

center dedicated to the production and promotion of creatively

diverse forms of independent film, video, and time-based multimedia

arts. Our goal is to provide artists and the community in Hamilton

and the surrounding region with access to facilities, equipment,

peer resources, and educational initiatives, and to encourage the

development and appreciation of these art forms through an ongoing

program of screenings and events. We are currently seeking someone

to fill the role of Arts Administrator.

Duties to include but not limited to:

- Being responsible for the development, outreach,

implementation, presentation, and

promotion of "the Factory".

-Coordinating and administrating The Factory office. This

involves answering telephone and

email inquires, booking workshops, scheduling committee

meetings, assisting in the set up

and booking of screenings and other events as necessary.

-Communicating in a professional and timely manner issues

related to the Factory, the board

of directors, committees and outside parties.

-Preparing grant applications and developing program budgets

in conjunction with the Board

of Directors and the various other Factory Committees.

-Working with the board to develop long-term strategies and

future funding initiatives.

-Attending regular monthly board meetings. Reporting to the

board regularly and informing

them of changes/updates.

-Writing and coordinating press/media releases in

conjunction with the Communications

Marketing Committee.

-Maintaining and updating the Factory website.

-Liaison with the press, membership and the general public.

-Securing/arranging donations in kind, volunteers, etc.

-Keep accurate and accessible records of all work to ensure


continuity. This includes create a strategic tracking

system of "tangible results" for our


-Oversee the delivery of programs and services in a growing


Successful candidate will / have:

-Knowledge of contemporary time based media art practices

and an understanding of

Interdisciplinary art activity and organizations.

- Be a practicing artist and possess the ability to work

with other artists.

-Proven experience in an artist-run centre or similar not-

for-profit organization, or the

equivalent training or experience.

-Familiarity/experience with governmental funding bodies and

demonstrated ability in

preparing successful grant applications.

-Superior oral and written communication and organizational


-Experience working with volunteers, boards, and committees.

-Commitment to regional artistic initiatives, willingness to

engage the public and do outreach

to the community.

-Computer literacy (MS Office suite, familiarity with HTML,

graphic design and bookkeeping



Renewable Contract Position

Approximately 28 hours a week flexible scheduling with some benefits.

Applicants should be prepared to work some evenings and weekends.

Salary $16 per hour with a 3 month probationary period

Deadline: January 27, 2005

Please send/email your resume or curriculum vitae, cover letter, and

any other support material to:

The Factory: Hamilton Media Arts Centre

Attention - Hiring Committee

P.O. Box 57187

Jackson Station

2 King Street West

Hamilton, ON, L8P 4X1

email: info@hamiltonmediaarts.org

visit us online at www.HamiltonMediaArts.org

The Factory: Hamilton Media Arts Centre is a equal opportunity

employer. We strongly encourage applications that reflect Hamilton's

diversity. Only applicants invited for the interview process will be


Thank you.

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