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  1. Ive got time tick tick tickin in my head. Ticking in my heaaaad!
  2. If you do the facebook thing, this is helpful: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500949613#!/group.php?gid=182791478476
  3. Anyone else looking forward to seeing Vince redeem/embarrass himself on the ice? Not sure I can sacrifice the time to watch, but I'm busting a gut already. BTW - miss you Skanks dearly!!!
  4. Yes indeed... the warm up party is well in the works Common by anytime after 4pm and we'll look to cue it up some time around 6 or 7pm. PM me if you need any details.
  5. Hey Mama! Me too! Sweet. Lemme know what time you're coming in... should I grab some grub for a pre-show bbq?
  6. Don't think I can make the show (dang it... this will be epic!) but Cohen and I will definitely be accepting visitors in the pre-hours if anyone would like to stop by. Also, I've got lots of heady crash space if anyone is considering coming in from outta town. I'm about a 15 minute walk from the venue.
  7. OMG - LAMB was the best Gospel ever!!! I'm dying for my Mom (Catholic School Principal) to read it Suddenly it all makes sense
  8. Chin chin, Margie's in! Wait, can you bring babies to fireworks shows? Where do I get some of those awesome baby noise-reduction headphones? Should we plan a heady meet-up spot?
  9. Ive got yer heady parking space... either on street, or in the back, behind the smoker's lounge (private, gated).
  10. Finally home from the hospital!!! Cohen and I are doing fine. Exhausted but soooo happy! Thanks to Show Whore for seeing us through a pretty scary delivery and to all of you Skanks for sending such heady vibes. My Beautiful Baby Boy couldn't have asked for a more loving welcome to the world :rainbow:
  11. Awesome! You all look so beautiful together Congratulations
  12. I used to run to Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter every day in high school. It helped set my pace and sooth my teenage angst.
  13. For my friends back in the Tdot... Event: The "I ((heart)) Alt Media" Party "A party to support alternative coverage of the g8/g20 featuring artists like Garbageface, John Rose, Anand Rajaram, Kay Pettigrew, Bob Wiseman, D'bi Young, DJ Nik Red and DJ B#" What: Benefit Start Time: Tomorrow, 25 March at 21:00 End Time: 26 March at 02:00 Where: Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Avenue, Near Queen and Spadina
  14. Welcome doohdoohhead! Where in Canada do you live? Have you been getting out to any shows?
  15. "Showers always make you gay!"
  16. Both, I guess. localcrew is right, I may just choose silence (or screaming!) but I thought it would be nice to be prepared with some meaningful selections. I'm going to put together a "birthing mix" and bring a portable player. It might also be fun to share this with m'boy on his birthday each year
  17. Apparently I'm allowed to have music playing for the delivery "as long as it's not abrasive". I have Mickey Hart's 'Music to be Born By' CD, but that's more for me to get through labour than for the little guy to enter the world, me thinks. Suggestions?
  18. There was a hippy family that did this in my neighborhood when I was growing up. Their poor daughter called herself "Big Airplane". Boy did we make fun of her!
  19. I hope you had a great day, leading into an even greater night Buddy! Boy do I ever wish you still lived in the Hammer... come visit soon
  20. Hmmm. I thought DD last Saturday would have been my last outing for a while. Perhaps I have another one in me
  21. Hmph. That's what I thought too. Apparently there's an even better use...
  22. Large Marge


    I like my fruit to be grown thanks, preferably organically.
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