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The Gourds on Youtube!


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Took a shot to see if any video was actually there and sure enough there is. The sound quality is poor at best for all the video's sadly.

For anyone interested...

The Gourds - Reading PA 2001 - Highs & Lows

The Gourds - Reading PA 2001 - El Paso

The Gourds - Reading PA 2001 - Pushed Her Down

Theres some footage from Bonnaroo 2005 also but theres no footage of the band, just distant shot of the stage while they play Gin & Juice.

[color:red][edit to add]

Checked out google & found another video with a bit better sound.

The Gourds - Gruene Hall TX 2004 - last few minutes of 'Ants on The Melon' and the first few minutes of 'El Paso'

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