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New Photo Exhibit Opening in Toronto: The Joint Show


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A friend of mine sent me the following email today...

It's not only the holidays, but it's also time for reefer madness!

A friend - and amazing photog - Ian Amyot is opening a photo show tonite at The Crooked Star.

Aptly named The Joint Show, it's an artfully shot collection of blunts, spliffs and joints and pays honest homage to our honourable herb.

Anyhoo, if you have a chance, try to swing by tonite - I'd love to see you there.

And, if not tonite, The Crooked Star does do brunch, so try to check it out before January 30th!

The Crooked Star

202 Ossington (at Dundas)

I haven't been to The Crooked Star, but according to various online reviews, the music is allegedly good ("grain of salt" time...) and they apparently have beer specials and decent wine.

Everyone loves art!

Basher: Not sure if you can smoke the art, or not. Pam's getting back to me..

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