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  1. Whatever works best for you. Tomorrow or Friday are fine.
  2. OK, I have 2 extra pairs for face/fees: Balcony Row A Seat 36/37 Seat 72/3 Best to email me if you're interested: Patchoulia@gmail.com or julia.mcallister@rci.rogers.com
  3. It is 3 pm on Saturday - tickets are yours - can you pick up at One Mount Pleasant? Just let me know which day you want to stop by and I can leave them in the mailroom for you!
  4. Have I got a deal for you!! 2 FREE tickets to enjoy the Toronto Marlies!! Impress your date with a pair of great tickets to enjoy the farm team (is that the correct expression? I was going to say D-League, but I think that's just basketball...) of the Toronto Maple Leaves! (Face value: $39/ticket) Let me know if you're interested! :chug:
  5. I have nothing but fond memories of Chris...especially when he first came around, in the very early days...he took to the music like a groovy phish to water...
  6. Yes - we still have 2 extra pairs. Ari? Still down? Once I get the physical tickets, I'll let you guys know.
  7. Fuck 'em all. They can't tell me not to dance, dammit!
  8. Let's partay We have some extras, too, if anyone is interested.
  9. He always puts on a great show. He dropped the first "how ya feelin" at 4:07 of his set. I think Poop took some pics - he's busy today - will post later...my friend Lisa posted some, though...
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