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I caught this Weird Apples hip hop show last night (Noah23 and MadAdam) and at one point he was riffing about how 'in Antartica icebergs are shaped like this, in the Arctic...'. Reminded me of this chick at Evolve, I don't know 3, who was obviously peaking gills (understatement of the century) and swimming in the ocean. Ted Kartzman, one of the founders of Jambase and Slip family member, and I were going for a dip and she's coming out of the water stark naked and well stark naked. Like no hair down there, you could have eaten eggs off her nether regions - if you know- that's your trip.

Anyways she's saying the most wacked shit and it's pretty hard not to notice the stark nakedness get's back in the ocean and has this like realization. Screaming 'Iceberg Uncertainty Principle'- she was obviously thinking of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle one of the central tenets of Quantum Physics. Fucking such a scene.

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