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Michael Crichton paints journalist as child rapist


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So good ol' global warming denying/Jurassic park creating Crichton has sunk to new lows.

Global Warming Denier Michael Crichton Fictionalizes Critic as Child Rapist

By Paul Kiel - December 14, 2006, 11:45 AM

The battle between anti-global warming activists and their critics is frequently uncivil. Name calling, put downs, you name it, they fling them.

But this marks a new threshold, I think.

This March, Michael Crowley wrote a cover story (sub. req.) in The New Republic hitting blockbuster novelist Michael Crichton's very public denials that global warming was a proved phenomenon.

That was the last he'd heard from Crichton until he picked his latest novel, Next. Here's what he found:

Alex Burnet was in the middle of the most difficult trial of her career, a rape case involving the sexual assault of a two-year-old boy in Malibu. The defendant, thirty-year-old Mick Crowley, was a Washington-based political columnist who was visiting his sister-in-law when he experienced an overwhelming urge to have anal sex with her young son, still in diapers. Crowley was a wealthy, spoiled Yale graduate and heir to a pharmaceutical fortune. ...

It turned out Crowley's taste in love objects was well known in Washington, but [his lawyer]--as was his custom--tried the case vigorously in the press months before the trial, repeatedly characterizing Alex and the child's mother as "fantasizing feminist fundamentalists" who had made up the whole thing from "their sick, twisted imaginations." This, despite a well-documented hospital examination of the child. (Crowley's penis was small, but he had still caused significant tears to the toddler's rectum.)

In an article posted to the New Republic's Web site today, Crowley responded:

The next page contains fleeting references to Crowley as a "weasel" and a "dickhead," and, later, "that political reporter who likes little boys." But that's it--Crowley comes and goes without affecting the plot. He is not a character so much as a voodoo doll. Knowing that Crichton had used prior books to attack very real-seeming people, I was suspicious. Who was this Mick Crowley? A Google search turned up an Irish Workers Party politician in Knocknaheeny, Ireland. But Crowley's tireless advocacy for County Cork's disabled seemed to make him an unlikely target of Crichton's ire. And that's when it dawned on me: I happen to be a Washington political journalist. And, yes, I did attend Yale University. And, come to think of it, I had recently written a critical 3,700-word cover story about Crichton. In lieu of a letter to the editor, Crichton had fictionalized me as a child rapist. And, perhaps worse, falsely branded me a pharmaceutical-industry profiteer.

small penis

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i'm halfway through the audiobook version of this (i didn't buy it, i nicked it off OiNK :P ) when i got to this bit, i stopped listening, and was genuinely a bit grossed out. it seemed really over the top and to not at all contribute to the story. i had no idea that this was a "bully pulpit" moment.

michael chrichton is an ok author but increasingly is showing himself to be a jerkwad.

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Plus who the fuck denies Global Warming- it's not as bad as denying the Holocaust but it's just as self-evident. Reminds me of the pressure the Bush administration was putting on NASA's chief climatologist. Like the guy is THE world expert on climate- or at least NASA's top climate guy and they're trying to muzzle him speaking publicly at conferences about - I don't know- say Climate Change. In that case, maybe the guys name is Watson (he was at Godard), it turned out that one of the PR flacks that was laying in on him at NASA turned out to be a Bush appointee who worked on the campaign and as it turns out didn't even have a university degree in science journalism or whatever he claimed to have a degree in.

Seriously though Crichton really went hard. Like not enough to call the guy a child rapist he had to have small penis to (and anal tearing, excuse me?).

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