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Goodbye Deer Creek?


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For Sale

So, Live Nation is selling Deer Creek Music Center in Noblesville, IN (aka Verizon Wireless Music Center) to the highest bidder, and it's no safe bet it'll be retained as a music venue. The property value around it is just too high to not be developed.

I only made the pilgrimage once, in 2000. We saw the Dylan/Phil & Friends show immediately followed by three nights of Phish. It was a beautiful place, we camped right beside the venue. I know the Grateful Dead laid down many a fine performance there over the years.

Just thought some of you might be interested. It was always a favorite venue.

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I saw the dead there a couple times. great venue for the area in the summer. Loads of trailer park folk living in the perimeter.

Last dead show there, the gates got crashed the first night. the cops sent the rotwiellers on the crowd, there was a death threat on jerry's life so the lawn lights were kept on in search of snipers.

And I think a female cop was killed or badly injured from the bum-rush.

They subsequently cancelled the 2nd night. Possibly one of my sadest dead experiences ever.

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On a lighter note. Grateful Dave has a funny story about getting Miracled for a Dead show at Deer Creek by someone throwing a hackey sack over the wall around the stands from the inside and randomly hitting dave in the head, who was walking around on the outside looking for a ticket. He was fortunate enough to inspect the Hackey and found a ticket rolled up inside.

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