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'Don't watch me when I'm peeing!' ~ B.G.


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The Supreme Court's has refused to hear the argument of one Bob Glaser, attorney and political consultant. It seems the Court thinks his problem is rather frivolous.

In 1994, Mr. Glaser attended a Rolling Stones concert at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. During this concert he visited a men's room and found that several women, in order to avoid the long lines at the facilities assigned to their own sex, had entered the men's. The poor man was horrified but went on with his business. The next year, the same thing happened when Glaser attended a concert featuring Elton John and Billy Joel. This time he was already at his business (at a urinal) when the women entered, giggling. This put a damper on his activities and he was forced to hold it in.

there was no question that the giggling women in the men's room had broken the law ( San Diego City Code 59.0103, which states that "no person of either sex shall enter the clearly marked and designated restroom facilities of the opposite sex"). Glaser filed a claim with the city demanding $5.4 million in compensation for his grief. The city refused to pay.

Mr. Glaser offered to settle, if the city would admit to "the existence and prior knowledge of the stadium's restroom deficiencies," would adopt an "Equitable Restrooms Act" and would pay Mr. Glaser "reasonable compensation." The city again refused.

Glaser sued on Nov. 1, 1995, naming both the city of San Diego and beer vendor Service America. (If Service America hadn't sold him the fatal glass(es) of beer, he wouldn't have had to go to the men's room). In 1996, Judge Marilyn Huff dismissed the suit. The judge then ordered Mr. Glaser to pay $2,000 to the city and another $2,000 to Service America. It was that ruling Glaser took to the Supreme Court.

(editor's note: I wonder why no women have ever sued over bathroom lines. Using the men's instead isn't a thrill after the first time.)


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