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Absolutely Smokin' Show!


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This is completely out of control!


Concert Summary

Don Baldwin - drums

Mickey Thomas - vocals, percussion

Johnny Bee - guitar

Michael "Fly" Brooks - bass

Billy Slais - keyboards, saxophone

Elvin Bishop - vocals, guitar

Bay Area mainstay, Elvin Bishop had a smokin’ hot backing band in place when he recorded this timeless performance at New York’s Bottom Line club in 1976. Signed to Capricorn Records, the home of Southern Rock, Elvin Bishop offers up a hot set of country flavored blues-rock at this show.

Bishop, a former member of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, had a cult following until he aligned with Capricorn, who found him a #1 hit single, “Fooled Around And Fell In Love.†This performance, however, is closer to Bishop’s musical heart, and has more to do with the Southern rock vibe created by The Allmans and the Marshall Tucker Band than it does with commercial pop hits. Bishop lets his band jump into the spotlight often, with keyboardist Clive Brooks and guitarist Johnny Bee grabbing many of the solos.

Bishop balances intense musical performances with light-hearted dialogue, as is apparent on songs like "Fishin’," where he tells a lengthy tale of how the band went fishing and the guitarist, drunk on Jack Daniels, kept scaring the fish away. Vocalist Mickey Thomas would soon leave Bishop’s band and take drummer Don Baldwin with him. In 1978 he and Baldwin were asked to join Jefferson Starship when it became a rock ’n’ roll hit factory known simply as Starship.

Musically, the highlight of this show is the band’s high energy version of “Joy,†which mixes gospel, blues, rock and funk into one cohesive song. Bishop’s lyrics on his popular country-rock romp, “Travelin’ Shoes,†is anything but politically correct, yet back then you could hear lyrics such as these on the radio: “I talk and talk and talk and she doesn’t hear a word I said; Let me get my baseball bat and send her out of her head...â€

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Agreed! That era of the Elvin Bishop band is on fire and funky as hell. I listened to that yesterday..

If you can beleive it this show featuring the same band is even better....no lie....get this disk....If only for "stealin' watermelons"


Elvin Bishop

King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents in Concert

Release Date: January 23, 2001

Label: King Biscuit



Title Composer Time

1 Juke Joint Jump Bishop 6:19

2 Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Aarberg, Bishop, Thomas 7:41

3 Stealin' Watermelons Bishop 4:49

4 Holler and Shout/Slick Titty Boom Bishop 8:18

5 Struttin' My Stuff Bishop, Aaberg 4:29

6 Fooled Around and Fell in Love Bishop 6:28

7 Calling All Cows Dranne 8:55

8 Travelin' Shoes Bishop 8:22

9 Rock My Soul Bishop 6:38

10 Party 'Til the Cows Come Home Bishop, Miller 5:40

11 Shake, Rattle & Roll Calhoun 6:17

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